16 May 2019

Hi what you can say when your working away from home, the lows and the highs just wanting to be back at home with your loved one. I am just normal married guy over 50 nothing special really, just another boring Hotel room I just go to another bar on my travels. Its just Bar so I thought it doesn't look any different tables and chairs, just having a quiet beer a guy starts chatting to me no big deal I suppose.

The scene is set so to speak just chatting in general 2 guys 2 strangers the chat turn to wives a little raunchy, a guy telling me how his wife likes to bent over and fucked and asking me if my wife sucks my cock. What can you say I tell guy my wife does suck my cock but she doesn't like to take much cock in her mouth, then it hits me I feel a hand under the table not for long but long enough, I just freeze. I know I could of got up and left but I am still sitting there, maybe way we had been chatting about wives even maybe just being away from home I just sat there. Music is playing but I can think about is this guy knows my cock was hard the whole mood just changes, where I was loud and brash I am now more quiet, louder this guy gets the more quiet I get. I am nervous but still sitting there so i make excuse and go to the toilets, I feel a sense of relief well for a moment as I am leaving toilets guy comes in. This stranger this guy he doesn't force me he doesn't make me but he sort of edges me into a cubicle, god its all quick very quickly guy sits me down and takes his cock out. As I try to say something as I try explain its too late maybe I should of said nothing, now this guy has his cock in my mouth I just sucked his cock for dear life. I was so nervous I was shaking all the time this guy saying the same things to me, he kept calling me closet cocksucker and kept saying I bet you suck cock better than your wife. So I have gone from chatting about wives to a stranger and now sucking a strangers cock. it sounded like I was having an asthma attack I was so worried about the noise. I don't know if I was more at ease or not guy saying to me its that kind of place that kind of bar.