Written by Daddyd275

4 May 2016

Now my housemate is perfect, clean and tidy, quiet, polite and always pays his rent on time. But after this last weekend we can add horny to that list!

Saturday night I hook up with a regular shag buddy who asks if he can fill my arse, I agree and we end up back at my place for some fun. It's late at night and I know my housemate will have gone to bed so I tell my mate to shag me on the sofa. It's nothing spectacular I suck him off and I end up on my back with my legs wide open taking his cock up me. It's rough, hard and fast! He pulls out, rips off his condom and shoots his cum all over me. He then acts a bit strange and says nothing just gets dressed quickly and leaves. I'm now laying on the sofa rubbing his hot cum into my skin and sucking my fingers clean :) but I've not realised that my housemate is sitting at the bottom of the stairs and he had seen everything! Crazy thing is he has his cock out and he is rock hard. His cock is very impressive, with a large head, long pink shaft and I want it up me! I ask him if he wants to fuck me and throw a condom over to him, he says nothing but strips off and puts the condom on then climbs on and pushes inside me. I gasp as his cock drives in me and he is not gentle he keeps thrusting deeper and harder, I grap his arse cheeks and beg for him to keep going and to really use my arse. I'm loving this young guy really plowing me I can hear him breathing faster and heavier and I know he is close to cumming. He grunts as he unloads into the condom and then pulls out and takes off the condom and lays it on my stomach and then goes back upstairs. I'm laying on the sofa after having my arse used twice and I'm loving it.

I waited a couple of days before mentioning it and I told him that anything that happens behind closed doors remains a secret. He agreed and asked if I could suck him off :) I've now swallowed three loads in two days.

It's always the quiet ones.