5 Sep 2017

Not had sex with a man for about two months now. Went out yesterday evening to my usual place on Coopers Hill, Gloucester. Six thirty arrived. Saw the vehicle belonging to someone I've had sex with a few times over the past four years and went off up the hill to look for him. Spoke to a man who said he was further on. Sure enough he was there. All he was wearing was a long anorak and shirt but nothing below the waste. Normal for him. I've seen him completely naked in warmer weather. He undid his coat straight away and I started wanking him. Nice cock, not too thick, about five inches long and cut. I very quickly went down and started to suck him. Like me he's in his sixties but still gets a good hard on. I asked him to fuck me which he loves to do. I used saliva as lube as I didn't take any with me. I did take a condom but didn't bother with it. I bent over and he was soon pushing against my arsehole. Slowly at first as I've not had one in me for a while now. Felt nice being fucked. I pushed back on to him and he went further in. I stopped after a few minutes as the position is a bit difficult. I held our cocks together and wanked both of us. So nice. He fondled by balls at the same time. I sucked him a bit more and bent over again. The other chap I spoke to came by but went off the other way. He had no idea what he was missing! I bent over again and he went back in me up to his balls. He was really fucking me now what with me pushing back. No sign of him coming and the time was getting on and I had to go. Great fun! Will get back there when I can. Usually on a Monday but never know quite when. Can be a busy place at times and I've had some really good times. Lots of spunk in my mouth. My favourite! My wife has no idea what I do and have been doing for forty years now. She knows I'm interested in gay sex as we watch gay porn in bed and wank ourselves. We watch straight, lesbian and bi too.