Written by Andrew

15 Oct 2009

I was around the Warrington area on business yesterday.I was wanting toilet sex,it gets harder and harder to find.

A bit out of town I saw one of the old fashioned public toilet blocks.I did,nt need to look to see if if was open,the cars parked up outside told me that.

I went on a bit and parked up,even as I approached there were chaps leaving,heads down getting in their cars.There were four cubicles inside,all occupied.There were a couple of chaps at the stalls,they just looked at me and carried on wanking,i joined them.

The door to one of the cubicles opened and a chap quickly left.One of the chaps beside immediately went in,holding his erect cock in his hand as he did so,made no attempt to hide it.

The two of us at the stalls just stood there wanking,watching each others cocks.One of the doors opened,I thought someone was leaving,we both looked around.

There was young chap standing there bollock naked,wanking on a sizeable cock,his whole body shaven smooth,his other hand moving all over his body as if to emphasise its smoothness.

The chap that was standing by me,looked at me then went to the cubicle door got on his knees and started sucking on his cock,his hands around holding his arse,the young chap just watched me wanking.

One of the other doors opened,a chap just looked and smiled at them and then left,I went straight in.The holes in the partition both sides of me were huge,there might as well not have been any partition.

The chap on one side was completely naked,giving himself a good wanking.On the other side was a chap in a full set of womens underwear,stockings,belt,the lot.

He looked at me enter then got back to watching the young chap on his other side being sucked,the holes were so big I could even see that.I stopped in my tracks for a second or two,the floor was covered in fresh spunk,as was the toilet seat.

I got toilet paper and cleaned the seat.The chap in the underwear kept watching the sucking,just giving me a quick glance as I undressed,the other watched with interest and waited for me to get naked.

He knelt by the hole wanking himself opened his mouth and put his tongue out,I put my cock in it.He immediately started gobbling on it,I needed that.If he thought he was just going to suck me off he would have to think again,I was there for a session.

He had to come up for air,he,d given me a decent sucking,he sat back on his haunches and wanked himself,I wanked my own now saliva covered cock,I like wanking when my cock covered in saliva.

The chap who was sucking cock suddenly left,he must have wanked himself off.I watched as the shaven young chap collected his clothes and joined the underwearer next door,they held each others cocks as they kissed each other on the lips.

The underwearer stood up and turned his arse to the young chap who promptly pulled his knickers to one side,the underwearer was leaning with his hands on the toilet,his legs spread apart.

The young chap spread his cheeks apart put his fingers in his mouth and found his hole.The underwearer ballanced himself on one hand and wanked himself with the other.The young chap pushed his fingers in and out,then got his still saliva covered cock in his hand and placed it in position.

The chap on his haunches watched as did I,both wanking hard on our cocks.A chap came in the empty cubicle,took his cock out and wanked as he watched.

We all watched as the young chaps cock pushed into his arsehole and started to fuck it hard.He really had staying power,he held the underwearers hips as he banged into him,his cock coming almost completely out before going straight back in with force.

He grabbed the underwearers thighs and lifted him off the floor,leaving him to ballance on just his hands.He could,nt have got deeper into him,we all knew he was spunking,the muscles of his arse contracting with each bang.

The chap who had just come in must have just wanted a quick wank,because he did just that and left,the cubicle was unstantly occupied.The chap next door to me said suck me off mate I,ve got to go,he stood up and offered me his cock.

I held his balls as I sucked him,he almost instantly started filling my mouth,as quick as he pumped it out I swallowed it,he thanked me dressed and left.

The cubicle was immediately occupied,he hardly looked in my direction as he undressed,neatly folding his clothes and placing them on the cistern.When he was completely naked he sat on the toilet and started to work on his not yet erect cock.

Three hours later I was still there,how many cocks I,d seen spunk I,ve no idea,a number of chaps fucked the underwearer.I sucked off at least seven,its obviously a place where being naked is the theme,nearly every chap who came in stripped naked before having sex.

I,m back there again next week.