Written by Jamie

9 Jun 2010

Yes I was his toy for a while,I let him own my body,don't get me wrong I enjoyed every moment of it,but my thoughts and fantasies were wandering to what other men might like to do to me and what their body was like when they were sexually aroused.That older man at the baths who had commented on my undies kept coming to my mind,I noticed that when Joe and I were in the changing room he did'nt spend as much time naked and his cock stayed down,yet if I was on my own he paraded around his cock at half mast,his hand going on it every so often.

I went to shop calld Peacocks,I'd noticed that they had mens thongs,I bought 3 pairs,the lady assistant smiled at me,Joe was away somewhere,I went to the baths.He was there,he was already swimming,you're friend not with you today he asked as I was swimming.I was in the changing room only a minute or two when he arrived in,I'd already removed my trunks and was having a shower,he took his trunks off and got under the one next to me.Sure enough within a second or two his cock was moving upwards and he was openly looking at mine.I got out and dried myself,again I could see him looking at my cock as I dried it,I turned my back to him and bent down to dry my feet,I could almost hear his breathing get faster,when I turned around there was no doubt what had gone through his mind.

I got a pair of the thongs from my bag and just held them for a second or two before putting them on,his jaw litterally dropped open,his cock started to visibly rise.He got out of the shower and put a towell around himself,shit if somebody came in what would they think he said,this often happens to me when I'm having a shower,I know the feeling I said maybe you should have a wank before coming,it was time to make a move.

Do you do that he said,if I have'nt had sex the night before I said.He was drying himself,letting his cock which was now rock hard appear out of the towell every so often,did you have sex last night he asked,his voice quivering,no he's away I said.How long is he away for he asked,I don't and I don't much care I replied,I,m thinking of moving on,I'm getting a bit bored,you've caught him I thought,reel him in,

anywhere in particular,he asked,not really I replied. Fancy joining me for a drink he asked,you are old enough to drink,he said laughing.

We went to local pub,he downed a couple of whiskies,I'm driving he said so thats my lot,I'd had a lager he tried to get me to have another.So you did'nt have sex last night he said,I bet you're feeling sexy now,a young lad like you must probably needs it several times a day or do you just wank yourself,I like both I said,I'll probably have a wank when I get home,I could see sweat on his forehead.Will you come back to my place he blurted out,depends what for I said,this was my game now.

In his car I put my hand inside my pants and started to play with my cock,he could barely keep his eyes on the road a good job we did'nt have far to go,he lived in a nice house.I could smell womens perfume when we went inside,you married I asked,we're separated he said,I did'nt believe him.He gulped down another whisky,I refused,you looked fantastic in that thong he said,take your clothes off let me see it again,he started to remove his own clothes,he was shaking like a leaf.His cock was rock hard,he immediately started to wank himself as he watched me undress,leave them on he said when I got to the thong,they only had my balls in them,my cock stood out from the top.

He started to do what Joe did on our first sex together,feeling all over my body,feeling my balls through the thong then putting his hand inside to feel them in there.Next thing his mouth is all over me,licking me all over,sucking on my nipples,licking my arse cheeks.He moved his face down my front,licking me as he went,his tongue went in my bellybutton.He held my balls through the thong as he licked the head of my cock then sucked it into his mouth and almost chewed on it,he pulled the thong down,I stepped out of it,it had served its purpose.

I watched the top of his head as he sucked on my cock,he was on his knees,he was furiously wanking himself with his free hand,I,m thinking just another who wants to use my body to satisfy his own needs,it was'nt about sucking me off,it was about having my cock in his mouth and holding my balls while he wanked himself off,selfish bugger,I had a choice to make,I pulled my cock from his mouth.I need a break I said,I'm nearly coming off and I,m sure you want me to do things to you,you know what happens when you come off.There are a lot of things I'd like you to do he said,have you ever dressed in womens clothes,I had'nt,but thought what the hell,I'll try anything once.