Written by BOBAJOB

12 Oct 2011

Ive put gay at the top here but I do more than just gay,its just that this story is about one of the gay things I do.I,m i9 and live near Darlington,I've not had a job since finishing college,its been a while ago now since I found out that there are men go in the park in town looking for sex with other men,aparently there used to be an old toilet block there that was used for years for gay sex,but now they just keep an eye out for each other.....Im a small lad with fair hair so I get looks from men all the time even sometimes when they can be with a woman and I know that several of the men Ive had sex with are married blokes...Ive been with a few girls for sex but because of a problem I have I find sex with blokes works out better for me,it takes me ages to spunk,I can get right to the point where Im going to do it and it stops,I cant cum,I havent got a problem getting a hardon its just that then I can almost make myself sore wanking,sometimes I,ll manage to spunk but more often than not I'll have to give up and then its takes ages for my cock to go back down,thats why I started having sex with men.

It was a bloke I met in the park,I was in there when id been out running and I saw the way he looked at me,I went and sat on a seat pretending to be getting my breath back and I saw him out of the corner of my eye heading in my direction,Id been trying to wank myself off earlier in the day and couldnt cum but I was still feeling as randy as fuck.He said like is it alright if I sit here but he was already looking at my shorts,within minutes he was going on about his wife and how she didnt do sex anymore,I knew what he was after so I said like that that wo'nt give me a problem Im gay,of course after I said that his hand goes in his trousers pocket and he starts to play with his cock and hes wanting to know what I do with other blokes,which I know he probably knows already its just that hes cumming off on me telling him about wanking or sucking off other blokes,I slipped in that because Ive not got a job that mostly I do it to make a couple of quid so mostly I hve sex with older blokes.

He tells me that hes straight but that because of his wifes condition and she went for day care somewhere he gets sexually frustrated and because hed always been a bloke who needed to spunk every day he was finding it really hard,I can see hes already got a hardon,hes not got a bottom on his pocket and hes wanking himself,I supose you think Im a dirty ol fucker he said,which I did but I wasnt going to say that,its only sex I said we all do it.How much do blokes normally give you he said,Ive wanked blokes off in the bushes in here for a tenner I said and depending on their cock Ive sucked blokes off for twenty,I only suck clean cocks,do you go to mens houses he said,its a bit risky I said but for fifty Ive done it,Ill give you fifty he said,I need sex,I think Id already worked that out.

I,m parked on the road near the north gate he said its a green focus,I,ll wait for you,he did'nt want to be seen with me,fair dos.I gave him a few minutes and then followed him,I didnt know if hed have driven off but I saw his car.When I got in he already had his zip open and his cock out,he was keen,his fingers were up the leg of my shorts before I got my seatbelt done,my cock wasnt as hard as his but that wasnt putting him off.

He put his cock back in his trousers when we arrived at his house,if we meet any neighbours just pretend your my nephew.In his house there wasnt going to be any preliminarys hes stripped himself naked in seconds,he pretende hed completely forgotten about our little arangement but with a little reminder he got it out of his discarded trousers pocket and I put it in my shorts pocket before removing them and as Im taking my top off hes already pulling my undies off,his cock was rock solid,nice shape nice size,I started to give him a hand job,half hoping he wasnt going to come off in my hand I had a hardon now and needed a bit of wanking myself.

For the next ten minutes or so not a word was spoken I went along with what ever he wanted which was just wanking and sucking on each others cocks,his hands were all over my body and I did the same to him,even though I thought hed cum off quickly he chucked out a bit of precum and leaked a bit of cum but held on really well.

We ended up in the bedroom his wifes gear was hanging on the back of the chair,he went and got towells and covered the bed with them,didnt want spunk stains on the bedspread.He started to concentrate on my arse,my wife used to like this he said as he started to push his cock between my cheeks,I knew I was taking a bit of a risk letting him fuck me without a rubber but from what Id seen of his cock and Id taken bigger I decided to let him go ahead.

He got k y from the bedside drawer and lubed his cock and fingered me with it,I relaxed and let him push into me with very little effort and instantly went into fucking mode,6,7,8,fucks and hes spunking,I took his fingers off my cock as he was spunking and wanked myself having spat in my hand,I pretended I was spunking,I knew that once hed satisfied his own needs he wouldnt be checking if Id spunked or not,but Id pretend I had,always makes them feel better if they think theyve wanked you off.

The usual cleaning up bit followed and he dropped me off back in town,he was actually the first one that Id gone to his house even though Id pretended Id done it before I still do him regular but theres a few others now and not one of them have copped that I dont spunk like they think I do.