Written by Phillip

3 Sep 2010

As we continued on our way the conversation was relaxed and friendly,it was as if what we'd just done was very acceptable.The only comment he made about it was how much he needed to have a good wank and that it was'nt as easy to find young men these days to have sex with.Before he dropped me off he asked me if I'd be interested in doing it again,with your body he said you could make some decent money,I gave him my mobile number,if I was being honest I enjoyed having sex with him.

Would you be willing to have sex with some other guys I know he asked,theres money in it,it did'nt sound such a bad idea.Two days later I got a message on my mobile asking me if I was willing to meet somebody at a service station on the M6,there was a time and a make and number of a car,his name was Mark,it would be OK if I did'nt. I was excited by the idea,I had thought a lot about the sex I had in the car and really fancied having sex with a man again.

I went to the service station,I easily spotted the car,it was a top of the range Jaguar,these guys had money,there was a guy sitting in it.I walked towards it,he spotted me and smiled,as I got closer he said "are you looking for a lift young man",he was probably in his 60s.I'm looking for Mark I said,I'm Mark he said,I've been looking forward to meeting you,he looked me up and down,mmmmmm he was'nt wrong he said,jump in.

I've booked us into a local hotel he said,we have separate rooms, for booking purposes only you understand,he laughed,how much is this going to cost me,I'll pay up front,I'm sure I won't be disappointed.The first figure to come to me was £200,he got his wallet out and paid me.

We booked into the hotel,he said something to the receptionist about being on a business trip,asking if there was internet connections in the bedroom as we'd be doing some work together he'd thought of everything.He had a holdall with him I had nothing except the clothes I was wearing and that would'nt be for long.

Once in the bedroom he was'nt for wasting time,he was completely naked in a matter of seconds,he had an erection which he immediately started to wank,come on young man he said strip off there are things I want you to do for me,he was being a little bit intimidating,but he was paying for the service.I did'nt have an erection when I'd undressed,for some reason my cock was'nt responding,the funny thing was he seemed pleased,he immediately went for it,feeling its softness,his hands going all over my body,muttering beautiful,beautiful.

Very quickly his tongue was licking my cock and balls,then he sucked my cock into his mouth and rolled his tongue around it.It started to swell rapidly,filling his mouth