Written by Paddy

20 Apr 2013

A normal jog as I thought, greeted the regulars with the normal acknowledgment - the friendly wave and signal of approval, but then!

I slow down to near stopping pace, in front of me was a guy stretching, tight shorts and fitted top, he glanced over his shoulder looked at me and then returned to his stretching exercises.

I immediately sprung an erection as he moved his arm stretching his leg; he glanced over again but paused for a longer glance!

This was my chance, I rubbed my shorts and headed to the dunes, I looked back to see if he was interested, his reaction indicated he was.

I stood in the dunes and slipped my cock out of the leg of my shorts to urinate, he passed by, stopped turned around and returned all the time looking over his shoulder.

He stood in front of me and began stroking his shorts; I in turn did the same, then he dropped to his knees, his right hand moved up my leg, slipping under my shorts stroking my now very evident erection.

I glanced down as this stranger stroked my cock and balls, the feeling, the excitement was intense, leaning back against the dune in one quick swipe my shorts where at my feet and my cock was being completely worshipped by an anonymous and eager mouth!

His mouth surrounded my bell end and for 5 minutes brought me to a place I rarely visit, I shoot my load twice!