Written by Bright

21 Jun 2014

This story happened to me a few weeks ago. I was home from work and having a quick look in the chat-rooms before making a meal. I noticed a comment from a bloke saying he would love to meet someone for fun whilst driving home from work. He would be travelling from Reading to Southampton, and wondered if anyone on that route was up for some fun. As it happens, I live on that route and messaged him to ask what he would like to do, also telling him that I cant accommodate at home. His reply was that he would love to pick someone up, drive to a quiet place and get a full blow job, whilst still in his office clothes.

I thought that might be good fun and offered to meet him, at a convenient local lane.

Well he was 20 mins late and I had started to go for a run instead, when this new BMW pulled alongside me, and asked if we had just been talking online, I said we had and he asked me to get in. During some small talk while he was driving, I started to rub his cock n balls through his trousers and could feel him getting aroused. We decided on a quiet looking off-shoot from the lane and parked up. He was mid fifties and looked very fit with a sexy mature fade to grey look about him. I really wanted to snog him at this point, but wasn't getting those sort of vibes from him.

Instead I pulled his zip down on his suit trousers and was presented with a lovely pair of briefs and a considerable bulge. I started to stroke his growing hard-on whilst unbuttoning his designer shirt, which revealed a hairier than average chest with very erect nipples. These babies just had to get sucked and delightful they were too. meanwhile he was wriggling his trousers down to his ankles and I had my hand inside his briefs playing with a nice slippery foreskin. his briefs very quickly followed his trousers south and now I could see just how very hairy he was.

I crouched down on the passenger side floor, with my seat fully pushed back and reclined his seat all the way so that he was lying flat. this gave me full access to his lovely hard cock and hairy balls, to to mention his lovely hairy belly and chest. I was dying to climb aboard and lie on top of him for a kiss n cuddle and rub n grind, but again those signals were one sided. So I set about licking and sucking his balls, while gently wanking him and playing with his nipples. he smelt and tasted so lovely and fresh, and was moaning quite loudly as I licked n sucked.

I slowly made my way up to his rampant cock and began to slide it in and out of my mouth while sucking his foreskin back and forward, and after a few minutes of tight sucking he moved his hands to my head to hold on, while he thrust it all the way down my throat. I was really starting to enjoy this and could feel my own hard-on pressing against the passenger seat. By this time he was getting a good rhythm going and was well and truly fucking my mouth, in between my sucking motions. I could here him telling me how good it was and asked if could cum or did he have to pull out. I just nodded and kept sucking while he got into his final thrusts.

He was now moaning very loud indeed and thrusting rapidly into my mouth, and I felt the eruption begin, as his first shot of cum hit the back of my throat. his thrusting cock was now throbbing away as it spurted load after load into my mouth. I managed to unload the initial shots into some conveniently located tissues and returned to take the rest, before licking him all over his cock n balls before finishing off with a nice suck on his nipples. It was nice to see him lying there almost naked and panting whilst he recovered, and I could just picture us in the same position on a bed after he had taken me.

Now the last bit is fantasy, but he did say he would really like to meet again so you never know.

I've kept your identity out of the story as I would not wish to offend by not getting your permission, but if you liked the BJ and are happy to meet again, then maybe we will use our cover names on here.