Written by vince

9 Nov 2010

this is a very true account of the first time i was ever with a man, i was 19 yo and had had several girls in my life but part of me had decided that i wanted to be played with by a guy , but not just any guy he had to be older much older than me, so i went about looking for him. well this was in the days befour pc,s so the only way i could see how to find him was through a 0898 number in the paper so i rang it and recorded my message sat back and waited, i contacted by a guy in my area who was about the same age as me and he told me of a guy very local to me that he knew would be interested in me as a first timer and he gave me the blokes adress. over the next few days i drove past his house not haveing the bottle to knock just incase i had been wound up, then on the sunday i drove past and there he was out mowing his lawn, he looked perfect about 65ish , balding with a kind face so i parked my car round the corner and walked back towards him, as i got closer i noticed him look at me in a strange way the way a guy would look at a sexy girl and i thought this is promersing but lost my bottle and walked straight past him, at the end of the road i turned round and headed back determind to this time say something to him, this time as i aproachd he stopped the mower and looked at me again this time he was smileing at me, so i stopped and said hi are you allan he said yes i am and who may you be young man i told him my name and mentioned that i had been talking to dave, with that he smiled again and said i see would you like to come in the house ? i said i would and he led me into the living room, now then he said so what has young dave been telling you about me then ? so i told him what had been said and what i was looking for, he smiled again and sat down in an arm chair, he said come and stand in front of me close your eyes and tell me to stop if you dont like what im doing, i said ok and moved in front of him with my eyes shut. his hand went straight to my groin slowly rubbing my cock through my jeans and i was rock hard is that ok he said and i just nodded after a couple of mins i felt him go for the buttons on my fly and in one swift move my jeans was around my ankles , his hands then moved back to my cock and balls, this felt fantastic he said can i remove these again i just nodded and he pulled the down, mmmmm he said and slowly started playing with me again may i suck you he said i said yes please and he moved forward and started sucking me and teasing my now firm balls his sucking got harder and faster and after a few mins i spunked in his mouth he swallowed every drop. i went to see him lots of times after that day and on one visit dave and i put on a boy on boy show for him but that will be my next story..............