Written by vince

17 Nov 2010

i had been to visit with alan a few times since the first and i had really enjoyed him getting me naked in his living room wanking me off , sucking me and playing with my bum, i always thought it was strange how he stayed fully clothed and never wanted anything in return, anyway it was a monday afternoon i had finished work early and i was dew to see my girlfriend later that day but as i was feeling horny now i would pay old al a visit and let him pleasure me and then fuck my bird later. i arrived at alans house to find an old bike leaning up against the garage wall ( never seen that before ) anyway i knocked and al answerd the door , ah vince hello your just in time, i followed him in to the living room and there sitting on the couch was another young guy , he was scruffy looking sort of ugly looking about 25ish , vince i would like you to meet dave this is the dave that sent you to me a few weeks ago al said , hi i said he looked at me and grinned hi vince alan tells me you cant stay away, i felt embarresed and just stood there , al broke the silence and said well i take it you are both here for the same thing shall we begin, with that dave stood up , he was much taller than me but very skinny, al said beings as vince is new to this you take the leed dave, ok said dave, so dave said to me come and lay on the settee i looked at al and he noded towards the couch so i kicked off my shoes and layed down , i looked at dave and he started to remove his clothes in no time he was naked his cock was fully hard and about 9 inches long, al walked over to me and told me to relax and enjoy then he reaced for my fly and pulled my jeans off me, dave followed him and started to grope my cock through my boxers , you was rite al it is a nice one he said , i was rock hard and enjoying the feeling up i was getting dave then pulled my tshirt over my head and then quickly pulled my pants down and off so my naked body was on show to them both dave then came forward and took hold of my cock would you like to see me suck this al dave said al just nodded again so dave knelt down and put my cock in his mouth he pushed my leg aside and was groping my balls as he gave me head he was an expert at sucking , al was just standing to one side waching one young guy sucking another, dave then let go of my dick and came and layed on top of me then he started to rub his cock against mine, shall we go to the bedroom alan said ok said dave once there al told me to lay on my back so i did then dave took my cock in his mouth again but this time moved round so his big dick was over my face, try sucking it al said, this wasnt how i had panned my afternoon to go but i thought why not so i opened my mouth and dave lowerd his cock slowly in to it , it felt massive and very hot, al walked around the bed and said are you both ready to come yet dave said he was and pulled his cock from my mouth and span round so his cock was over mine then he started to wank al lent forward and started to suck me off again , dave was on his knees wanking at als face then he grunted and shot his cum over als face and my balls, then i shot mine deep into als mouth and he swollowed the lot, dave then grabed my ankles and pulled my legs up and apart i could feel daves cum trickling from my balls to my bum hole, al then moved round and licked it from my hole and balls and drank the lot. after this dave and i showerd together while alan wached us, i never did see dave again after that but i kept on visiting al up until i moved from the area, i wonder if he is still servicing young guys cocks for them maybe you could tell me..