Written by Harry_22

23 Jul 2012

I thought instantly of Ken as I unwrapped my arrival from eBay. 30 minutes later and I was laid back on my sofa watching some porn and texting him, letting him know that I was wearing a basque with matching lace topped stockings, clipped neatly in place. I really liked his reply;

'Usual place, 45 minutes?'

Soon after that, I was parked near the woods wearing my usual trackie bottoms and tee shirt. I walked a little way into the woods and unfolded my picnic blanket. I had hoped for time to get undressed and present myself to him, but no sooner had I flattened down the blanket I heard his car pull up.

“This is great timing,” he announced, “I am having such a day of it!”

He rushed straight in and knelt down, putting his keys and phone on the ground. “Let me see,” he said and as he pulled down bottoms, I lifted off my tee shirt. “Wonderful,” he complimented and twirled a finger so that I turned round for him.

He grabbed my bum when my back was turned and he angled his hand so that his thumb push the stretchy black knickers into my crack. I thought of his fat cock getting hard and I licked my lips longing to taste his pre-come. By now though I knew how he liked to work and so I let him touch me up for a while, his hands roaming over the lacy top of the basque and in and out of my knickers. I was rock hard in no time and found myself moving and leaning automatically to assist his hands getting between my legs and around my body.

He pulled slightly on the front of the knicks and my cock popped free. He took me in one hand, but I knew his attention was centred on his other one as it now pawed at my bum, he was stroking and grabbing my cheeks through the material and evently he let his finger tip find it goal, pushing the material onto my arse hole and rubbing, the friction turning me on even more.

“Tell me when you are ready, I will suck you,” I offered.

“Shhh” was his simple reply and to my shock and delight he let go og my arse cheek in order to smack it.

I moaned out in response and he did it again, this time pulling faster on my cock as well. “Say it again,” he said.

“Tell me when you are ready, I will suck you,” I grinned. Another slap.

“Let me suck you,” I asked. Slap. He was starting to heat me up now.

“Let me suck you.” Slap

“Let me get your cock in my mouth!” Slap and he grunted slightly.

“Oh god...” I said with an almost pleading tone, “Please put your cock in my mouth!” Slap. My cock was hard as ever now, his closed fist bouncing off my balls.

“Mmmmm, Please,” I pleaded, “Give it me!” No slap, but a response.


“mmm give it to me,” I said softer.

“I think I will,” Ken replied and he stood behind me. I heard his zip pull and a flutter of excitement ran through me. He moved forwards and his hard cock nudged into my thigh.

“Bend over, please.” he said as politely as he ever was. It was at this point I realised how wanton he had got me feeling as I did so without question. “What was it you said?”

“Give it to me!” I answered without hesitation. If anything I was wriggling my arse at him, waving my stretchy knicker covered arse at him. He slapped it and I giggled. I felt one hand grab the top of my knicks and they were pulled down, the material pulling slightly on my hips. That was followed by the heat of his cock laying on my bum.

It was hard to keep my balance and I knew that there should have been many thoughts going through my head, where's the lube, where's the condom, but all I could muster in my mind was, “DO IT!”

To answer one my unasked questions, there was a pause while Ken fondled for something and then I heard the foil wrapper of a condom.

His rubber tipped cock banged back at my bum and I could not hold back now, “Fuck me,” I said, “Fuck me Ken!” I flushed hot all over as his fat helmet pressed at my hole suddenly, but it seemed that the angle was all wrong. He pushed hard a couple of times but thanks to the angle and lack of lube, he did not manage to penetrate me. Instead, his cock rode in and out between my legs. At this point, Ken stopped and I heard him gulp.

“Oh my,” he whispered letting me know he was about to come.

“Take it off,” I told him, “Spunk on me!” He growled his approval and there was some more fumbling before I heard the snap of the condom coming off.

Instantly a squirt of come his my arse and then a second shot landed in my crack, he was holding my cheeks again with his spare hand. More and more come shot at my arse and some hit my balls as well. Ken was quiet as he came and it was not until he rolled to sit on the blanket that I knew he had finished.

I lay next to him, my cock standing proud from its black lacy frame. Ken immediately had that nervous guilty look about him.

“I am all messy!” I said to him as I put a hand to my balls. They were covered, but it was quickly drying in the cool air. I looked at Ken who looked nervous.

“Do you want to go?” I asked hoping to relieve his unease.

“No,” he said a little shakily, “I just can't believe I was trying to fuck you!”

We talked for a while, my cock going soft as we did so and Ken spilled the beans a bit about his life, his high powered job and loveless wife. He had though the was impotent until he stumbled onto the website and so now he was having trouble understanding these new desires.

I was feeling a little deflated by the time he left, but excited at the prospect of meeting him again soon. I lay there for a little while and son got horny again. This was mostly because I thought about getting some more cock and that night too, but there was a part of it was due to knowing that I wanted more cock while I had a man's come plastered on me!