Written by Georges

3 Jan 2012

I carried on sucking his cock, playing with his balls whilst he started to whisper " make love to me as if I were a woman". After much sucking, he turned round offering his ass to me. It was like an invitation. I kissed his neck and down all over his back several times up and down while my right hand kept caressing his ass making him quite hot.

He said the sensation was lovely and wanted more. At this time I did not want to rim him.I did not dare do it actually. Then he positioned himself dogstyle , turned round and came over my basin to suck my fully erected cock. He was doing it well, much experience undoubtedly.. I was in heaven and there was also a mirror behind him so I could catch sight of his tight ass. I was now wanting it and my erection became harder...Minutes Later he asked me to stand on my knees and posiitoned in front of me and continued the sucking. I thought I could not resist any longer and warned him. Her nodded, stopped and said Do not worry I will swallow I love that. The fact that he responded so favourably caused me to offload in his mouth. It was an enormous sensation of pleasure with a little suffering for he was still holding my cock very tight and this caused my orgasm to delay. But it then exploded in his mouth and I knew he was indeed swallowing it with delight....I slid over the bed with satisfaction. Meanwhile he said he wanted more but went to the kitchen first to get drinks and probably via the bathroom too.

I touched my cock and realized it was still a bit stiff.. I caressed it several times just thinking of the moment I could certainly fuck him hard....