Written by Kieron

7 Oct 2013

I occasionally was lucky enough to be offered money to go with a man to a more private location,sometimes his home,to indulge in sex.Being unemployed at the time,having time on my hands and needing the money and yes I know now what lads who did that kind of thing were'for me then I thought I was the only one who did it,for me I was getting money for doing something I liked doing.

After the first time I sucked off a mans cock it was as if Id become hooked,it was funny really but even though I used mostly that toilet by the cemetery in Warrington,I didn't drive there was a constant flow of different men using the facility. I said earlier about my little fetish about briefs,I wasn't into female undies,even thought I did on occasion dress in girls things for men in there own home,one man had me dressed in a full set bra,knickers and gymslip and liked to put me over his knee pull my knickers down and gently spank me,he was completely naked and would spunk while he spanked me.

I liked wearing tanga type briefs,once I got in a cubicle Id strip down to just them and literally within minutes every time my services would be in demand.As we all know there was hardly ever two men who needed exactly the same sexual action to spunk,for some just the fact that I was more or less naked and was eager to suck there cock was enough,they were content for me to sit there on the loo undo there pants take there cock out wank it hard or suck it hard and then usually suck it off.

I preferred the men who had a bit more time,who wanted to play,I liked the naked and I don't think that I ever had a naked longer sex session when we didn't have a watcher/wanker at some time during the session and as I said before I loved that .

Most men reading this will be very familiar with this kind of sexual action and will know that most of the men coming for sex in the toilet were married,it was a married man who first got me to go to his home,he played a video of himself and his wife having sex while we had naked sex on the same bed.

Thanks for taking the time to let me share some of these little memories and I know that loads of you will be reminded of your own first encounters.