Written by bram-stroker

20 Jun 2008

I was in the toilet hoping for a quick wank or maybe a suck if i was lucky. After a while, a young-looking guy came in but went straight into the toilet cubicle. I played with myself and could see that the guy in the cubicle was looking through a peep-hole at me. After a short time, the door to the cubicle unlocked and i looked up; there was this young guy, 18 i guess,shirt wide open, trousers off and wanking a gorgeous looking cock. The invite was obvious & i walked over to him, my own cock now rock hard at the sight of this guys smooth, young, near naked body.

I entered the cubicle and he closed the door behind us. In a moment, he had his hands around my cock and pulled me close. As i fumbled to get his length in my hand, he gently lifted my chin and kissed me, full on. Now, i\\\'d never kissed a man before - i had always felt it would be too weird - and i was about to pull away when i was overcome with the pure sexiness of his kissing, his tongue seeking my mouth out, and i found myself resonding. I removed my shirt and, with my trousers dropped, we were very close to naked as we kissed passionately, rubbing our cocks together as we did. As our lips drew apart, he sat down on the seat and slipped my cock into his hot mouth. What a cock-sucker he was; beautiful, as only a man can suck cock. We changed places at some point and i had the joy of his smooth, youthful cock fucking my mouth as i sucked him deep in, pulling him towards me with my hands on his ass. He mumbled he was coming but i held him tight and swallowed all that i could, losing only that spunk that ran out of the corners of my mouth. His cum was hot and tasty and i loved it. We dressed & rearranged ourselves to leave. He leant over & kissed me, whispering \\\'Thank you\\\' and left. I was hooked.