Written by William T

8 Dec 2009

I'm 47 yr.old male supervisor in a well known ladies and gents clothing store.Earlier this year a young trainee supervisor from another store joined us for experience.He was a quiet pleasant lad,rather shy.On a few occasions I noticed he would spend an inordinate amount of time re-arranging ladies underwear which raised my suspicions,I kept an eye on him.I saw him slip a pair of knickers in his pocket on one occasion,I decided to say nothing,he did look a bit anxious as he finished his shift,we occasionally do spot checks.

He did it again,I saw him even put a tiny lace bra in his pocket,it was time to do something.On the day in question I observed him nick two pairs of knickers,tiny things as usual.As the staff left the store I asked him to wait back and lock up with me,when everybody had left I said I need to see you in my office,he immediately looked guilty.In my office I told him what I'd been watching him do,he denied it of course,he was almost in tears.

I asked him to turn his pockets out and perhaps we could talk it through,he was shaking as he produced a pair of almost seethrough undies from his pocket,he could'nt appologise enough,it must have been an accident.Wher are the other two pairs I insisted,if we were going to sort this out I needed to get to the truth.He looked devastated and started to put his hand down the front of his trousers.

I want you to undress I said,realising he had obviously put them down his underpants,he just stood there looking at me,what he did,nt know was that I had an erection,I have a little fetish about ladies underwear myself.Come on I said lets get this sorted out,everything off including your shoes.He undid his shirt and removed it,smooth chest lovely nipples,he was shaking,come on I said,trousers.

I,m sorry he kept saying,I promise I won't do it again,what will happen to me,we may be able to sort something out I assured him.His legs were visibly trembling as he undid his trousers,I just watched him,down and off I said.He had on as neat a pair of briefs as I've seen but where were the undies then quickly realised he was wearing them underneath his own briefs.

My cock was almost hurting as I looked at him,he looked so sexy standing there in trembling,he had smooth hairless legs that most women would kill for,I,d already copped that he was an effinate chap,come on I said lets get this done,take the briefs off.He lifted the waistband and slowly pushed them down,his cock though not large just about fitted into the tiny undies he had knicked,he held one hand over himself as he removed his own briefs,why I have no idea.

He had on both pairs of undies,one at a time I said,indicating for him to take them off.As he removed the first pair the others slipped down revealing a smooth pink cock protruding from almost invisible blond pubic hair and very little of that.One at a time I said again,he struggled a little to get his lovely little cock back in the second pair,how I wanted to suck him there and then.

I,m sure the last thing on earth he wanted was for his cock to start becoming erect,but as he struggled to put it back inside the tiny undies it became visibly bigger,he looked at me in an almost begging way,its not going to obey you I said,watching it stand outwards and continue to move upwards,OK I said just take them off and put them on my desk.I do'nt think he even noticed me undo my trousers but I had my cock in my hand under the desk.

He stood there completely naked,one second his hand going on his now fully erect cock trying to hide it then off again off again so as not to look like he was wanking himself.What are you going to do with me he said,his voice quivering,I'd like to a lot of things with you I replied,he looked puzzled.Turn around I said,he looked more puzzled,yes turn around and bend over I said,I do'nt know where you might be hiding things.

He turned around,his arse was so smooth I was wanking myself,spread your legs apart and bend over I said,I could see the shine on his little balls and the faint pinkness of his tight puckered arsehole.I believe you I said turn around ,as he did so I stood up from my desk,I'd already pushed my trousers and undies down to my ankles,his mouth litterally fell open when he saw my rock hard cock,he just stared at it,now he was completely confused.

I unbuttoned my shirt and removed it,at the same time kicking off my shoes and stepping out of my trousers and undies,his mouth remained wide open but I noticed his cock doing a little dance.Now young man I said what am I going to do to you,you've been a very bad boy,do'nt you agree,yes he said,I've been very bad and I deserve to be punished.

I'm going to have to slap your bottom for starters I said,bend over again and hold your cock while I do it.I came from behind my desk,he duly bent over,it was one of the nicest bottoms I'd ever slapped,I gently rubbed it after eack light slap.Are you holding your your cock I asked,yes he said I'm holding it,just checking I said putting my hand between his legs probing his balls then forward to check that he was holding it,he started to gulp air,I moved his hand from his cock and encircled it with my fingers,it was velvet smooth,such a beautiful piece of flesh.

I turned him around,he had a relieved look on his face and a hint of a smile,you know what bad boys do when they meet other bad boys,I said.His hand took my cock in a tight grip and moved effortlessly up and down its length,are you often a bad boy when you're in bed I asked,every night he said now regaining his composure,need I ask what you wear,I think you know he relied,just the knickers I asked,knowing that he'd knicked bras.

I wear knickers,bra,stockings and suspender belt,he'd even knicked more than I'd thought.We were now in mutual masturbation,you realise I'm going to have to come and check on the stores property,I do he said.I'm going to have to take some samples with me,just for comparison purposes,I know that he said.You're going to have to help me choose them I said,of course he replied,shall we do it now,yes please he said.We walked about the store naked,occasionally wanking each other as we selected the tiny pieces of material.

It was good it was a Saturday night,I could spend all night and all day Sunday punishing him for being such a bad boy.He had to have a lot of punishment his flat had so many items all of which I felt obliged to have him try on,I was so glad he understood that I was just doing my job.Because of his misbehaviour I'm finding it neccessary to carry out ongoing supervision with him,but I'm delighted with his progress,he's put his whole mind and body into it.I'm also teaching him about ladies body lotions and hair removal products,he's got such a nice body to work with and he's so willing to learn.The one thing he did'nt lie about was how often he likes to ejaculate,he even underestimated,though I must admit my own rate increased.