Written by Gerard

3 Feb 2012

My Mum and I share this PC so I have to be extremely carefull about what I access on it.I'll be 19 years old in a couple of months time,but unfortunately or fortunately I look much younger,which,depending on your point of view,can have issues.As a young man living with my Mum is not the most satifactory arrangement,theres just the two of us and she does'nt always understand that I need some privacy,she still sees me as a little boy and still thinks nothing of coming into the bathroom while I'm showering or having a bath,I'm not allowed to lock the bathroom door,its for safety reasons she insists.She still chooses my underwear,I'm of small stature,just 5'4" so I'm still wearing briefs which are meant for a much younger person,always white and always tight fitting,she does'nt realise that I am old enough to have sexual feelings,I masturbate when she is at work,I'm sure she would be mortified if she knew that I did it,she is at work now as I'm writing this.

I came across this site only a couple of weeks ago and I have found it a great relief to be able to read other young mens sexual experiences,for one reason or another I don't have any real friends and even if I did I don't think I could tell about something that I've done recently,I've had a gay relationship,I know from reading stories on here thats nothing to be ashamed of,my problem is that this relationship is purely motivated by sex,which does make me feel ashamed.

I go swimming occasionally to baths in a nearby town,he's in his 50s,he had spoken to me a few times in the changing rooms,nothing of a sexual nature,though I recall him commenting on my age and was surprised that I was 18 years old,he thought I looked much younger.Then a couple of weeks ago while my Mum was away on a course with her job I met him at the baths,I mentioned that my Mum was away and I was enjoying time on my own,he said that he had lived on his own for many years and loved it,I envied him.

One thing led to another and it was as we were both drying after having a shower and the way I noticed him looking at me and then as he made no attempt to hide the fact that he was looking at my naked body,he said again about my age,are you sure you're 18 he said,there was something about the way he said it and the way he watched me as I put on my almost too small little briefs for the first time in my life I was aware of my own sexuality,and then I realised it was a two way thing,he was still naked and for the first time I found myself being aware of his testicles and his penis,there was suddenly an awkwardness between us,I was standing there in my briefs and he was naked,will you come back to my place he said,putting his hand onto his penis,I immediately knew what was happening,he wanted us to have sex and I wanted to have sex with him.

Not a word was spoken as we drove to his house,it was only when we were inside that he said,are you alright with this,I was,we went to his bedroom,in your own time he said as he began to remove his clothing,folding them neatly and putting them on a chair.I could see that when he was in just his undies that he was sexually aroused,I'd never before seen a man with an erection,you still want to do this he said or do you want to leave,I realised I'd made no attempt to undress.

When I was just in my briefs he removed his undies releasing his fully erect penis,I removed mine.He guided me onto the bed and as he kissed me on the lips I felt the first touch of his soft fingers as they found my own erect penis,he took his lips off mine and whispered,hold me,I knew what he meant,I put my fingers around his penis,without doubt the best moment of my life as we held and then started to masturbate each others penises.

I don't know how long we masturbated on that first occasion but we both ejaculated at the same moment.Thanks for reading my story,it is completely true,unlike some of the other stories on here we have so far not done anything more than masturbate each other