Written by Brian Lee

6 Mar 2010

Back when I was 22 years old, I moved out to Los Angeles to attend UCLA law school. I moved into a small apartment close to campus so I could walk to class. The apartment complex was run by a very outgoing and friendly landlord named Frank. He was about 55 years old and lived there with his wife. She was in her mid-forties but absolutely stunning with a tight swimsuit model body and a beautiful face. Frank would host cocktail hour every Thursday at 4pm. Few people went as most tenants were at work. I went fairly regularly so I got to be rather friendly with Frank.

During one cocktail hour, it was just me and Frank. We had a few drinks and I commented on how hot his wife was. He was very proud of her and seemed pleased that I found his wife so hot even though she was twice my age. He then told me that she used to be a Playboy model. I didn't believe him so he pulled out an old issue of Playboy and showed me pics of his wife. The pics were probably 20 years old but they were definitely her. The poses were pretty tame, just shots of her tits, asscrack, and a bit of her bush, but seeing someone I knew totally turned me on.

I must have been really obvious about my aroused state bc Frank asked if the pics were turning me on. I told him that I was incredibly turned on. He then asked me if I wanted to see her panties. Of course I did!!! He went to their bedroom and came back with a pair of her used panties and handed them to me. I just marveled at them and rubbed them on my face as I took a deep breath. Frank laughed and said that I should probably jerk off before my cock exploded in my pants. I so wanted to play with my cock but was too embarrassed to do it in front of another person.

Frank then put in a videotape and I was stunned to see that it was a home movie of Frank fucking his hot wife. At that point, I had to touch my cock so I put my hand inside my shorts and started wanking. Frank suggested we sit down on he couch so I did. When I looked over a few minutes later, he had his pants down and was playing with his cock. He grinned at me and I felt comfortable enough at his point that I pulled my pants and underwear off and played with my cock while sniffing his wife's panties and watching the video. I then rubbed my cock into the panties while fantasizing that I was fucking the wife's pussy. The silky material of her panties felt so good against my cock. Frank then suggested that I put the panties on so I could feel the snug silky material tight against my ass and balls. I did as he suggested and the feeling was incredible.

All of a sudden, Frank leaned over and started sucking my nipples and playing with my cock. I had never done or even thought about doing anything with another guy so I was shocked. But the sensation of having his tongue flicking my nipple while he held my cock was just amazing. I came so hard right into his wife's panties. He then went down and started licking my cum off his wife's panties and gave my cock a nice tongue bath. He then spread my legs in the air and started licking my balls and asshole, something I had never experienced before.

He then pushed me off the couch onto the floor and stood in front of me. He asked me to open my mouth and take his cock. He said he wanted me to be his Asian bitch. I am Korean. Frank was English but lived in the US for decades. His big white cock was right in front of my face and for some strange reason, I really wanted to suck it. It was so much bigger than mine. I'm only about 4.5 inches but he was about 7 and thick. I held his hips as I sucked his large white cock into my virgin Asian mouth. He loved it and held the top of my head as he face tucked me. His cock tasted great. I loved the taste of precum. He had me lick his balls too. After about 20 minutes of sucking him from my knees, he came hard in my mouth. I eagerly drank every last drop. He squeezed his cock so I got every bit of cum possible.

Frank then asked me eat his asshole. He leaned over the arm of his couch and spread his ass cheeks open. I was a bit hesitant, but for some reason, I felt this strong urge to please him so I licked his asshole. I ate his ass for a long time and he really seemed to enjoy it. He got hard again and told me to lay back with my legs spread in the air. He wanted to take my Asian anal cherry. He had me suck his cock some more to get it nicely lubed up. He then held my ankles as he slowly sank his cock into my ass. The pain was tremendous and I almost cried, but soon the feeling was so wonderful. He fucked me for about 10 minutes in this position then came deep inside my ass. He told me how wonderful it was for him, as a 55 year old white guy, to have a tight young 22 year old Asian like me.

After that day, Frank would often stop by my apartment at all hours of the day. Without saying a word, I would drop to my knees and suck his cock the moment he entered. He would either have me finish his cock with my mouth and swallow it all, or fuck my ass and come deep inside me. We never used a condom bc he never fucked anyone else beside me and his wife. I am married now and haven't been with any other guy, but I love thinking about the days of being Frank's bitch nearly 20 years ago.