Written by Analalan

13 Sep 2012

With a few days off i thought it would be nice to get away from the countryside and have a mini break ( i live in a small market town in Lincs ).So i went down to London hoping to see the Olympic village and the concert in the park. It took me a while to find a B&B but with the help of cards left in phoneboxes at Kingcross i found a cheap but seedy place not far away. I was shown to my (small cant swing a cat in) room, but it had a bed and i wasnt hoping to spend much time there anyway. I was sat on my bed working out my plans and where to go and how to get there, when i heared the sound of the bed hitting the wall from next door and lots of moaning.Next there was a knock at the door, i said it was open and in walked a gray haired, old, large guy wrapped in just a towel, he said he was sorry but he had not got any shampoo, did i have some.Told him to help himself, it was in the toilet. He shouted back that mine was a lot bigger and cleaner than his, again i said help yourself.

I found myself standing by the door watching him having a shower, while he told me he was in town to see old friends and so on . He looked up at me watching him.I said i was sorry it was just the naughty boy in me. He asked if i was always naughty. Only when i wanted to be.I might have to see about that after eh boy ?. He grabbed his towel and dried his hair then wrapped it back around him , hiding his cock which i had noticed was hanging it wasnt long and uncut.

He walked passed me sat down on the bed , patting his knee saying come on then you naughty boy.I gladly walked over and placed myself over him knee, he rested an hand on my bottom saying if he got too hard to let him know, i replyed i hoped he would get hard .

He bought his hand down on each cheek a few times before telling me to get up and drop em. i stood up while taking off my jeans and CKs and noticed that it had gone quiet in the next room. then went back across him knee. he spanked my bare bottom saying with each slap i was a naughy boy.

he told me to get up then asked if i wanted to feel him inside me. i just looked at him and got on all 4s on the end of the bed.He stood up and removed his towel i was shocked when i saw how thick his cock had become,small in size but it was thick.

He dropped to his knees and started to rub and kiss my cheeks before parting them and rimming my hole.

After a while of rimming and moaning, he walked over opened a drewer and took out a tube of lube and rubber, i had know idea they were there, but it was a gay B&B so why not.

He lubed up my hole with one of his fingers, asking if i was sure i wanted it. i said yes and he threw the rubber wrapper on the bed next to me.

i then felt his cock trying to push in , but with it been thick and me not having been bummed in a while my hole was tight shut. he tried a few times before his tip went in followed by the rest of his meat.

I steaded myself and waited for him to start pounding my bum.I heard him panting and panting saying my arsehole was so tight. To be honest with the size of his cock, it would have felt tight in one of the tubetunnels.

He took hold of my hips and started to rock back n forth, before he started to bang away for all he was worth. when he got going it i felt like i was in heaven. he kept repeating i was a naughty bad boy while he was up to the hilt,

His moaning got loader has did him saying i was a naughty boy ,i knew he was close.so i reach under me to grab hold of his balls

That was enough ,he pulled out a short break then he was slapping his cock on each cheek, before i felt his spunk covering one then the other cheek before he rested it between my bum shooting what was left onto the small of my back and into my bum crack.

I swear with the thickness of his cock , my hole took minutes to close and not seconds.

He sat down next to me panting, while i sayed on all fours. I heard next door laughing and shouting naughty boy naughy boy.The walls must have been so thin they could hear us like i had heard them.I got up and went into the toilet to clean up his mess from my bum and back ,but not before bending over and checking the state of my bum in the full view mirror. I returned with him still on the bed. He took hold of my cock and sucked it, for a guy his age he was good,with his finger back up my bum i shot my load into his mouth,with some dripping from the corners .To be honest i dont know what i enjoyed more the Proms in the park or his thick cock.