2 Apr 2018

When l lived in London and was between marriages I often used to go late night cruising for cock in a local park. The police used to patrol there regularly and the local council had boarded up spaces behind sheds (they were good for a private of private one on one action!) and also left lights on around the tennis courts. Despite the police presence, it remained a popular if risky venue!

One night there was little action and I was about to go home, when a well built, but slightly chubby Chinese guy came into view. We looked each other over and the guy then turned and started cruising the circuit again. I don't know exactly what I saw in this guy, but I wanted him! I caught up withe the Chinese guy and started talking to him. I just gabbled about anything and everything except sex and then I grabbed his cock! My cock was soon firmly gripped and we discussed where to go. Tony (for that was his name) lived closer to the park than me so we went there.

Tony warned me to be quiet! He had a basement flat in his uncle and aunt's house. I removed my shoes and I matched Tony's footsteps exactly as we descended to his flat.

Once the door to Tony's flat was shut, he changed from a shy guy to a tiger! He snogged me whilst removing clothing in a determined and forceful manner. With my jeans around my knees Tony untangled my rock hard cock from my underpants and slowly stroked it. Next Tony slowly took my entire length down his throat whilst gently probing my hole with his finger.

I was in heaven! I returned Tony's kisses and when I got a chance I started stripping him too! Now fully naked we kissed caressing each other's buttocks with cupped hands and our cocks rubbing firmly together.

We lay on the bed with me on top, our cocks still rubbing together whilst we kissed and stroked each other all over. Tony moved his cock so it rested over my hole and I began sliding slowly up and down so his cock head was teasing my hole. Eventually I could stand it no longer and shifted my position to try and ride him. Without any lube his cock didn't quite go in! We disentangled and Tony went to get lube and a condom. We fucked quickly and deeply with me on my back. I shot a thick rope of cum up my stomach and chest. We cuddled, kissed and hugged for a while and then Tony said I should go. Again with my shoes off I crept quietly behind Tony. At the top of the stairs we kissed and said goodbye.

We met by chance in the same place a few weeks later and again had memorable sex. Alas I stupidly messed things up. I had had sex with many men before, and it was sex, but no love or emotional attachment. Strangely with Tony I began to love him and that frightened me, and so I gave him the wrong number when he asked for my phone number: I have regretted this ever since.