Written by swad80

10 Mar 2014

Hi, I'm a 33 year old bi guy.

I've been on here for a few years and have met loads of guys to suck them off.

I'm a sub and just love sucking cocks to completion. For a while now I've fantasised about being fucked for the first time and if any of you guys want to use my tight virgin hole after reading this then please drop me a line.

On this particular night I was in the chat rooms looking for a meet when I a guy whispered me asking if I fancied sucking him off. I asked to webcam first, which we did, and he was hot! 25 years old, slim with a 8in smooth uncut cock, just perfect!

I couldn't get out the house quick enough!

He's a builder so has a van. We met in a quiet carpark and I jumped in to the back of his van. He had sheets laid out ready.

I immediately sunk to my knees and started to unzip his flies, I reached in and released his hard cock which sprang out and stood hard and tall.

I sucked it into my eager mouth whilst dropping his trousers and boxers. I was squeezing his balls as I licked up and down his shaft then took his balls into my mouth as I wanked him.

By now he was leaking precum so I moved my mouth back up his shaft and took him back into my mouth so I could taste his lovely salty goo. It was devine and I couldn't help but pump away and wank him into my mouth with my hands and lips.

I could tell he was going to cum soon so I forced myself to slow down as I wanted to savour his cock for as long as I could. So I started to kiss my way up his body whilst slowly wanking him. I nibbled on his nipples before French kissing him so he could taste himself on me.

This was getting to much for him and he pushed me down on to my knees again (which I love), he knew I was sub and loved a man to take charge.

I took his cock back into my mouth and started sucking like never before as he fucked my mouth. It didn't take him long before I felt him twitch.

He pulled his cock out of my mouth and shot jet after jet of creamy cum all over my face. It was amazing. I licked as much up as I could as he watched me, calling me a dirty slut. (another favourite of mine)

We both left the car park and I've been wanking off to the experience ever since.

I hope you enjoy my story and if you want to meet drop me line.