Written by bibiker01

26 Nov 2008

The last few days had been pretty grim.

Work had been a little hectic lately, tight deadlines, unrealistic targets…..Added to that, my relationship with Karen just seemed like it was never going to take off. Life was getting me down…. My every lasting bright smile was growing dim. It was no good; I just had to get a break for a few days.

After months of promising myself to get out on the motorcycle more often, I decided to do just that. I arranged at work to take a week off, and told Karen I had to get away for a few days, clear my head. I’d wanted to spend some more time riding around the mountains of Wales, as last time I met some really great people on the hills and in the local village bars after. I ride a sports bike, not the best thing for touring with so I decided to pack light, minimal clothing (a few T-shirts, socks some skimpy briefs and a pair of jeans) and my super small tent, and not forgetting the youth hostel card for emergencies. I decided to wear my one piece leathers; in the hope the weather was going to be good.

Setting off just before lunch with no particular route plan, I meandered in the general direction of Wales. It felt great, for the first time in months I was relaxed and feeling good about me. Wearing black leathers and just a nice pair of white DIM briefs under them and a tight fitted T-shirt I was conscious of quite few admiring glances coming my way as I threaded my way through the country side of Derbyshire, Staffordshire and on westward.

After what had been a good days riding the sky had begun to change a little for the worse and was feeling like rain was on the way, just my luck I thought. I pulled up to consider where was best to stop for the night, was I going to camp, or should I use a youth hostel. I had pulled up in a small village which was bustling with walkers and climbers; lots of minibuses with people of all ages packing their bags arriving after a days walking on the hills.

Whilst I was sat on a bench checking the map, a large group of teenagers looking like venture scouts came walking along the opposite side of the road, and then started to cross. Four of them headed over to where my bike was stood. Wearing shorts and T-shirts it was clear they’d had a hard day as their legs were all pumped up and were quite sweaty.

They looked at the bike and I heard them talking about what bikes their dads or older brothers had, and had they seen the superbike race last weekend. One of them didn’t seem too interested in the bike, and was looking more over in my direction. When he realised I’d seen him looking he sheepishly looked back at the bike. Here was a young man, late teens, slim with a nice pair of legs and about 5’ 9” tall and a swimmers build. From the side he looked very attractive, but in a cute way with his wavy brown hair.

He’d certainly got my attention so I pretended to look at the map and I saw him looking back at me again, I pulled down the zip on my leathers so that it was just below the level of my briefs and I could see that this time I had really caught his attention. I looked back up at him and was struck by the most beautifully bright azure blue eyes staring right back at me, my cock instantly jumped inside my briefs and started pushing up hard against the leathers; this young man was very clear in what he was more interested in.

He walked up to me and asked where I had come from, I quickly told him where I’d been during the day and asked him where they were from and how long they were staying. “We’ve been here for a week hill walking, but we are leaving tomorrow morning” he explained. We chatted a short while, he politely asking about the bike but not seeming too interested in it until his friends called him over and said that they were leaving in their minibuses soon. He excused himself; “Sorry, I’ve got to go, the buses are leaving for the hostel soon, and I’m Adam by the way”, and then he ran over to where his friends were, but not before looking back at me and giving a wave and a broad smile. He had such a gorgeous bubble bottom that I felt myself wanting to race over and grab hold right there. It had been years since I’d even thought about being with a guy, and there in one instant this young teenage marvel had brought old thoughts flooding back.

As I watched the minibuses fill up with the teenagers the heavens opened. Damn, why does that always happen at the most inopportune moments? I quickly crabbed my waterproofs and started pulling them on as the minibuses pulled out of the village.

My mind had just been made up for me; I had to find a Youth Hostel. Spending the evening in a wet tent just didn’t seem appealing. I knew the Hostel at Corris was closest to me, so I headed out into the rain in that direction. 30mins of riding later and I rode up the steep hill to the hostel and parked the bike up. To my dismay the youth hostel was fully booked, what now! While I was there I rang around the other hostels nearby but they were all busy. The only hostel with any places was Idwal Cottage over an hours ride away in Bethesda, near Bangor which I had been to before so I booked a bed.

The ride up there was fantastic, even when wet and tired I was enjoying myself but I just wanted to get out of the hot leathers and relax. I’d been riding for over 8 hours now and needed a rest. The last stretch up past Mount Snowdon was very fast, and I had worked up quite a sweat. I finally arrived at the hostel at 10.30pm. The car park was a distance away from the hostel so I just parked up outside; the warden had kept the door open for me as he knew I was arriving late. He took my membership details and gave me a key to a 4 berth room and explained that I would have to share with one other person. The hostel was very quiet and I guessed most were asleep in bed after a hard days walking.

Armed with room key and a fresh towel I made my way upstairs, found the room I’d been allocated and offloaded my gear onto the floor. The room was empty other than a sports bag neatly tucked under one of the bunks and a sleeping bag on top. I sat on the floor and slowly peeled of the waterproofs and hot and moist one piece leathers. I figured I’d better give the leathers a chance to air out a little, so I laid them over chair and pushed them against a warm radiator near the window. I really wanted to just crawl into bed at that point, but I so needed a nice hot shower. Vaguely remembering from a visit some years ago I pulled on a pair of shorts and t-shirt and headed to the showers.

A heavy door leads into a long corridor which then opens up into the toilets and washrooms. The showers are all open rather than being in cubicles, with several showers against a wall, enclosed at either end. I got undressed and eagerly got under the shower. As I stood there under the hot water I started to relax for the first time in hours, soaking in the warmth and enjoying lathering up with soap. I had been paying so much attention to getting rid of all of the odours from a day in leathers that I had missed someone come into the room and go into the toilets, just a towel and wash bag was sat next to mine on the bench. I thought no more of it and continued to wash my hair.

After a few minutes soaking under the hot water I was became aware that I was no longer alone in the showers. I’d been facing towards the wall and hadn’t noticed that one of the other showers was now occupied. I slowly turned around to look straight into a pair of blue eyes staring intently back at me. Immediately I knew I’d seen them earlier in the day, Adam the boy from in the afternoon. Having a good idea what would happen I looked down slightly to see the most beautifully toned naked young body that I had ever seen and in an instant I felt the unmistakable feeling of rushing blood as my cock sprang into life. I looked back up towards his face and he was smiling, almost cheekily and I froze as he stepped towards me and put his hand on my shoulder.

Still stunned from being stood naked next such perfection I was unable to move or speak, when Adam said “I’d hoped this afternoon that we would meet again but never dreamed I could do this”. He dropped down to his knees and gently moved his lips onto the tip of my very hard cock; this young man was sending signals through me like never before. I looked down in to his eyes as he slowly took me into his mouth, running his tongue over the head and seeming to reach every nerve ending in my cock, deeper he took me until his lips were pushing hard against my crotch. His throat muscles worked the head, squeezing and massaging so hard I thought I was going to cum right then.

Not wanting to cum so quickly, I withdrew my cock and Adam stood up and put his hands around my hips and pulled me into the most passionate kiss I’d ever experienced. While our hands explored each others bodies the feeling of this boy’s tongue and lips against mine was incredible, we pushed up hard against each other and our cocks pressed up against each other; it was then that I realised that this boy was very well developed. I pulled apart from him and looked down to marvel at the most amazing cock I’d ever been close too. We’ve all seen huge throbbing cocks in porn films and magazines but here was a young man, barely more than a boy with a joy to behold. Surrounded by just a small amount of short pubic hair he was around 9” long, maybe a little longer and about 2.1/4” thick and had a pronounced curve to the left, his gorgeously small foreskin revealing a huge head.

I was nervous that someone might come into the room but I had to explore this boy further. I dropped to my knees and slowly cupped his soft but very large balls, running my tongue over them and taking one into my mouth, Adam gave out a low moan of pleasure. With water running over us both I held him by his tight ass cheeks and ran my tongue over his cock until I reached the tip, where I slowly lowered my lips over his head and took him into my mouth. No way did I think I would ever take him all, but he deserved lots of caressing. He put a hand onto my shoulders to steady himself as I took him deeper into my mouth; I twisted and turned my tongue over his shaft. He tasted so good, pre-cum lubricating my throat. I continued to slide his amazing cock in and out of my throat, each time getting more used to its girth and getting further along its length and letting my tongue use his shaft as a dance floor. I could hear Adam moaning each time as my throat squeezed tighter and tighter.

With his cock deep inside my throat I had both hands holding onto his bottom, each cheek tensing in my hands, they were so tight and quite muscular and I had to see, so I slid his cock from my mouth and turned him around looking as his tight ass. This kid was so hot, I spread his ass cheeks revealing a gorgeous hairless rosebud, I ran my tongue up along the inside of one thigh then dropped into his crack and as I reached his hole he let out a long moan and said “ah, that’s so unreal I’ve never had that done to me before, don’t stop please”. I was running my tongue around his lovely hole, and kept pushing in a little more each time and he was now arching his back and pushing his bottom out towards me allowing me better access. This time I pushed much harder and his hole opened up a let my tongue right in, I swivelled my tongue “ah, please do that again, I love that, it’s so nice”, I did it once more but this time his legs buckled slightly dropping his ass harder onto my face, “please, I love that feeling don’t make it stop”.

I continued as long as I could but had to come up for breath, his hole was now very wet and much looser than it had been. I stood up behind him, my own cock marble hard and as I leaned across to kiss his neck it nestled in between his cheeks, while kissing his neck, ear and around to his lips he pushed his bottom out and against me. Not needing any further provocation, I bent my legs slightly and the head of my cock slid down his crack and dropped straight into his hole. I stood there, reaching my hands around him and held his hands as he slowly lowered himself onto me and drew me inside him; I had never felt such pleasure as my cock inched slowly into this boy. Each inch felt unique, and Adam was completely quiet, just the look of pleasure on his face let me know how he was feeling and as I was fully inside him he twisted around to kiss me. His back was arched, allowing me to start sliding slowly in and out giving both of us incredible pleasure, his hole kept tightening harder encouraging me to developed a rhythm sliding inside this wonderfully smooth hole. A little while later and I felt that tingling between my legs and the tightening of my leg muscles that signified I was about to orgasm. I cried out as I felt my legs and pelvic muscles push me up hard inside Adam and my cock tighten as my balls unloaded days of frustration into him and for what felt like 30secs I was Cumming and filling him.

I held Adam in an embrace for a while, holding him tight while I went limp inside him while we kissed each other in silence. As we stood there under the hot shower having just made love Adam pulled up on my ass cheeks and said I want to try that to you. I had only ever been fucked once before with an older guy who was nothing like the size of Adam; this was all a little surreal and I was feeling things I hadn’t felt before.

Adam moved downwards and reached his tongue out and ran it between my ass cheeks as if he’d done it many times before, pulling my cheeks apart an rimming my ass, pushing deeper as I relaxed my muscles. I have a mole near to my hole and he quickly found that tonguing it made my legs go week in the same way he had. Encouraged he dove deeper into me, really loosening me up and I could feel him inside me, and I was getting so moist. Standing up and with a truly naughty look on his face Adam offered his hard boyhood to my hole; I bent over leaning against the wall letting him have full access as he reached down and parted my cheeks. With his large mushroom head pushing gently against me he started to enter me, every inch of him seemed to get wider and I really thought I wouldn’t be able to take him.

Just as I thought I couldn’t take any more I felt his abdomen pushing against my ass cheeks, he was fully inside me. He quickly withdrew which knocked the breath out of me and in one swift motion slapped straight back into me causing me to groan loudly. After about 5 minutes of Adam inside me all worries of someone walking in on us had seemingly gone; I was leaning up against the shower wall with Adam speeding up his motion and repeatedly pulling almost fully out and pushing straight back into me. I was in heaven and my hard cock was waving in all directions as my ass was ploughed by this boy, I felt my balls tightening again and without even touching myself I was letting out a groan and Cumming all over the walls and floor of the showers. My legs went weak causing me to drop down onto Adam as he pushed deeper inside me, my ass tighten hard around his huge cock which was more than he could handle, letting out a long moan he shoved harder as he erupted deep inside me; I could feel him throbbing inside me as each jet of cum shot along his shaft.

Both completely spent, Adam clung onto me as we both recovered under the hot shower, he slowly slipping from inside of me. We didn’t say anything, I wouldn’t have known what to say and I left the shower towards the benches. As I got dressed I looked over at Adam as he showered, still amazed at what we had just done and how perfect his body was. He turned, smiled and walked over to meet me, holding my waist and giving me a beautiful kiss, “thank-you, I loved every minute and I’m glad you were my 1st”. “I am glad I was, you were lovely, you’d better get upstairs, you will be missed”

Adam started to dry off as I was leaving, as I went to open the door someone came through it, I vaguely recognised the boy as one of Adam’s friends. I smiled and said “goodnight”, “oh hello, you are the guy with the bike aren’t you”, “yes, and a just little tired” I replied, “oh, sorry, goodnight” he said. I let the door close and walked back up to my room. I was still in a little bit of a daze as I got back to my room and really just wanted to lie down and think about what had just happened. Just as I was drifting off in the darkness of the night the door opened, I turned away from the light as the person came into the room; I heard the door lock could hear him undressing. After the light went out I expected him to walk across to the other bunk but was surprised when a quiet familiar voice asked “can I climb in with you”, it was Adam, and he was my roommate. I moved backwards and he climbed in under the sheet with me, I spooned in behind him as we both fell asleep in an embrace.

The next morning Adam had woken before me and had dressed and left with the rest of the Scout group before I even awoke. I had so wanted to see him before he left so was quite disappointed. As I was getting dressed I noticed a piece of paper in the top of my tank bag, I pulled it out and it was a small letter. “Thank-you for and lovely experience last night, I will always remember you and treasure the memory, and hope that we might be able to be close again one day. Love Adam”

He also included his email address

Adam has matured into a fine young man.