Written by Ant908

8 Jan 2012

I had heard about the cruising place from a website and had read a few accounts, they always got my cock hard and usually ended with me wanking off and shooting a big load so it was only a matter of time before I ventured there in person.I parked up mid afternoon and waited my cock was already twitching and leaking pre cum. There were a few cars about and one or two guys wandering about, one had jogging bottoms on and looked like he he had a huge cock hanging down his leg.I dan the window down soon took my trackies down and started stroking my cock I was hard straight away, my heart was pounding and my cock throbbing like never before, it was getting dark so feeling bold I put my interior light on while wanking like mad a guy was straight over hand inside and on my cock, I thought Iwas going to cum straight away I had to stop him he wanted to get in and suck me off but I said no, not quite ready for that,He wandered off after that but only because the guy in the joggers was approaching, he stood by my door and watched me wanking I was so close to cumming and he knew it, he pulled his joggers down to reveal a massive veiny heavy looking cock.That did it for me I shot my load, the biggest and most poweful load ever I think unfortunatly he went aswell so I never got to handle that big cock, but I still wank off thinking about it.