Written by Kenny

8 Nov 2009

In that loo for the second time was really weird,just being there naked displaying myself to a total stranger was something I could'nt have imagined a week earlier,also wanting to see another guy naked what was that all about.

Yet there we were taking turns to look through the hole to see each other wanking,I kept an eye to the bottom of the partition hoping he would look at me.First a hand was on the floor then another and then a face,looking up at me.I could feel my whole body shake at just being watched like that.

He was a bit older than I had thought from seeing his cock.I turned around for him,I wanted him to see all of me,I even felt a little disappointed when he stood up.I looked through the hole and lisrened,I could tell he was taking his clothes off,you learn quickly.

I saw his knees appear wide apart under the partition,his hand came between them making a wanking motion,I got on the floor and looked underneath.His balls were touching the floor his cock standing hard and I could actually see it throbbing.He made a wanking motion again with his hand.

I could'nt believe how my arm shook as I reached for his cock,as I put my fingers around it he squeesed my hand around it.He would'nt have known that it was the first time I'd ever done something like that.Either my hand was cold or his cock was hotter than I could ever have imagined.

He held my hand tightly onto it and helped me to wank him,I was such an amateur.Can I come there he whispered,surely he did'nt mean to come into my cubicle,can I come in there and play with you he said,its ok its safe here.I was'nt sure but heard myself say yes,unlock your door he whispered.

I unlocked my door and sat on the loo.I heard his door open,it did'nt occur to me that he would come to my door naked,but he did.He pushed my door open he was standing there with his clothes in his hand completely naked.There was a bigger surprise,there was a guy standing at the stalls watching us,his cock in his hand wanking himself.

The guy from next door did'nt seem in any hurry,he even stood a little aside to let the guy at the stalls get a full view of me.He came in and put his clothes on the floor,he did'nt close the door,I really had no idea what was happening.

He reached between my legs and took my cock in his hand and wanked me,the guy at the stalls watching it all.Come on he said as he lifted my arm and placed my fingers around his cock,the guy at the stalls watched us wanking each other.

I suppose I just let it all happen.Without warning he got on his knees and put my cock in his mouth and started sucking and blowing it,the guy at the stalls was suddenly wanking himself at speed.He took time out to undo his pants and let them drop,he pushed his undies down onto his thighs,he had a big cock.

As my cock is being mouthed I watched him wank himself his balls dancing below that big cock.He pushed his hips forward and I could hear and see him suck air into his lungs,I knew he was about to jack off.He sprayed it all over the place,when he'd finished he stood there and squeesed the last drops onto the floor,pulled his undies and pants back up said cheers lads and left.

He lifted his mouth from my cock and pushed the door closed,he did'nt lock it.He stood between my legs his cock in front of my face and put one hand to the back of my head,with the other he brought his cock down level with my mouth and touched my lips with the head which was oozing his precum.

I,d started wanking my saliva soaked cock,it felt great all wet like that.I opened my mouth and felt and tasted my first cock and what a mouthful it was.Hold my balls he said,you can squeese them if you want,suck my cock hard,I tried to remember what he'd done to mine.

Thats good,thats good I could hear him say,I had quickly got the hang of things.The door was pushed open,the guy I was sucking turned to one side,a guy stood there looking at us,he opened his flies and took his limp cock out,he was probably in his 70s,but it did'nt take him long to get it hard,well almost hard.

He kept an eye on the entry as he edged closer to the cubicle,then reached and took my guys balls from my hand,he held them as he wanked himself furiously,then just like that jacked off,it must have taken him all of 2 minutes,then disappeared.

It obviously did the trick for my guy,the door still wide open he started to fuck my mouth,damn near choking me,hold my balls he almost shouted,I,m coming.It was the first time I had my mouth filled with spunk,hot beautiful spunk.

He held my head hard onto his bucking cock almost down my throat,it was a moment of pure migic.Another guy came in the loo,watched us for a second or two then went in the next door cubicle,even as I finished sucking off my first cock I could hear clothes being removed next door.

It was just my second time but it was four hours later when I left that loo,I'd been played with,wanked sucked,mauled,felt and beautifully abused,every part of my body had been touched by a hand a tongue or a cock.I had learned so much in such a short time.