Written by Bitheway

22 Jul 2009

Whilst at uni in Nottingham I was seeing a girl who lived in a hall of residence. One of her best mates was a gay guy on the same course. One night we had a row and I was getting out of the lift when he arrived back. Seeing I was upset he asked me if I wanted a chat. I'd had a few to drink and said yes why not. We got into his room and he asked me if he could do anything to help, I just fell back on his bed. He came over and started to massage my shoulders. It felt nice, he asked me to take my top off and i did never having been with a gouy before but it felt quite right. He massaged my shoulders and the nsaid a proper massage needs you to be naked. I took my clothes off and hegot some oil and massged my thighs and calves> He then told me to spread my legs fully, what he was doing felt so nice so I obliged. I felt oil going into my bum cheeks and suddenly realised what he was about to do. I hadn't seen him without clothes on and felt sure he was about to take my virgin arse. I was starting to breathe heavily when I felt a hand grab my balls from behind. 'Are you sure you want this?' he asked, 'yes' I replied. 'Well if you want it suck it'. Yep I took his cock in my mouth and sucked for all I was worth for the first time in my life. After about a minute or 2 he pulled his cock from my mouth and moved round to my lubricated arse. He pushed in without much thought for my pleasure. I groaned loudly before succumbing fully to him as my man. After several minutes of hard pumping he pulled out and told me to take his come. I sucked his cock and swallowed every drop of his come. He then told me to get dressed and be ready for him whenever he wanted or he would tell all my mates what a come sucking bitch I was. I dressed and left rapidlyu. The following day I made it up with my girlfriend who told me how her friend had had a real squealer with him the night before. We soon broke up but he made me take him once or twice a month for the next term before he told me that I had earned my respite. Some of these sessions were very memorable and I might let you know about them another time.