Written by alandperth

22 Jan 2010

My wife and I were at a friends party a year ago which was excellent for many reasons. I found myself talking to a couple who I hadnt seen for a couple of years and as we were all well oiled by then the conversation was quite liberated but I was still suprised by the expliciness of it. Hid wife wandered off to get another drink and I was left to carry on the conversation with Tony who was rather a good looking guy and well built. He had intimated that over the years he had enjoyed sex with guys as well. I told him that it was something I wasnt interested in but he had this look in his eye that said he wanted me. As I was quite drunk by then, it was beginning to get me horny just thinking about the thought of being with a man, but it was cut short by my wife coming over to talk to us.

The next day I found myself thinking more and more about it to the extent I visited several sites on the Web to learn more and found myself so horny that I decided I had to try it. By chance I met Tony a couple of days later in Perth and got talking to him and found out he still remembered our conversation and by the look in his eye again he would love to have me. He told his wife was away for the day and would I like to come back to his and I found myself saying Yes before I realised what the consequences would be and it was a decision that has changed my life for ever.

When we got to his he blatantly told me he was going to shag me senseless which aroused me and scared me at the same time and he started to kiss me which took me by suprise and found myself responding which I found strange as the thought of kissing a man had disgusted me before. I was in a different world but the horniness of it really made me a slut and I started to enjoy it. He stopped and told me we were going upstairs to carry on, the thought of being basically ordered to do it made me even hornier and I just nodded, I think he knew that I was being turned on being submissive to him and pushed me through to the bedroom. He told me to get undressed and as he got naked I noticed just how hard and excited he was. I just thought that I passed the point of no return and that his cock was absolutely magnificent at the same time thinking there was no way something that size would fit up my ass. He grabbed me and pushed me to my knees and told me to suck his cock. I had never even thought about doing it before but found myself thinking i really want to do this and just thought of how does my wife do this to me and tried to copy it, by the moans from Tony I knew i was doing alright and I began to enjoy it. I had been sucking him for a few minutes and he suddenly pulled out and told me to get o the bed which I did and we got into 69. I could hear him spitting and a finger being inserted slowly up my ass which wasnt as bad as I had expected and continued to suck him. The feeling of a man suck me off was to much to take and told him I would cum if he carried on doing that, he didnt stop and I spurted in his mouth like i hadnt done before. He stopped and and spat it onto his fingers and carried on finger fucking me which was by now feeling so good and the thought of my own spunk lubricating my ass was making me even hornier. He was behaving like a man in heat which turned me on even more and he was definately the dominant one which i loved. He called me his little slut and roughly turned me over to the doggy position and carried on finger fucking me, but i knew I would get that magnificent cock up me soon and by now I really wanted it bad. He stopped and went to get some lube which he put up my ass and put on a condom and told me he was going to give me a fucking I wouldnt forget. At first he couldnt enter me as it was so sore but it took about a couple of minutes before I was ready to take his cock and he was gentle so i relaxed and the feeling of having a cock up your ass is actually a fantastic feeling especially if you have a horny man doing it. His dominant manly side soon took over and the things he was calling me and the sheer horniness of his power made me feel like a slut to be used, which he certainly did. He carried on and threw me into the postions he wanted which I just let him do, not that I had a choice, he was like a bull. After about 30 minutes I knew he was ready to cum and it was so much better as he was very verbal and couldnt believe the things he was calling me but it turned me on more and more and when he came I was so horny and exhausted I came again without even being touched. He pushed me down and stayed in me and just lay on top of me not moving just moaning. I felt used and the feelings of guilt overcame me as I thought of what my wife would do if she found out and feelings of disgust overcame me. I just got up and started to get dressed and he asked me what I was doing, so I told him and he laughed and just told me that it would pass and that I would be back for more.

After I got back home I tried to forget what had happened and my wife certainly noticed a change in me and asked what was wrong but I told her I just had a headache and needed to lie down. I vowed I would never do this again but after a week of self doubt I actually phoned Tony, who laughed and told me he knew I would call and told me that he wanted regular sex with me which I agreed to and became his bitch essentially when he wanted it. This went on till about 2 weeks ago when unfortunately he and his wife moved to New Zealand to retire. I will certainly miss him and I know that my life has changed sexually forever and I look forward to meeting someone else who can dominate me the way Tony did