Written by Terry

6 Apr 2010

Thanks for your comments,sorry I'm not saying where the place is,some chaps have already found it anyway,liked the picture of 4everhard having his dick sucked.Visited the picnic site on Saturday just gone,it was just after 10 in the morning,thought I might be the first there but there was one of them campervans parked up,might have been there overnight.

Could already feel my dick respond as I went in the toilets,one of the cubicle doors was closed,there wasn't much point in preliminaries,I pushed it open.He was already completely naked,sitting on the toilet legs apart wanking himself,he looked at me and smiled leaning back onto the cistern which enhanced his already sizable dick.

He obviously wanted me to join him but it wasn't what I wanted,I wanked him a few times as he felt my dick through my trousers but I wanted to get in the other cubicle and strip off.I only managed it just in time before another chap arrived,he pushed both doors open then went to the stalls and got his dick out and wanked as he looked from one to the other.

The chap from the other cubicle emerged and joined him,he had a nice body probably in his 40s,I noticed he had a wedding ring on his finger,playing away.He took the newcomers dick in a firm grip as they started a mutual wanking session,both watching me wanking before indicating for me to join them,which I did.

We had only a couple of minutes of three way wanking before another chap walked in,I returned to my cubicle as did the other chap,we just stood in the doorways and watched as the chap who'd just come in got on his knees and started sucking on the dick we'd just been wanking,the day had definitely got off to a good start.

I spent the next 5 hours there completely naked,exactly how many chaps shot their load during that time I have no idea,but there was the usual mix of some chaps coming in just to enjoy a quick wank or have themselves sucked off and others who enjoyed being in their girls undies or just completely naked.

A great variety of dicks ranging from large to small but all wanting a bit of TLC,more and more chaps now are into being smooth shaven all over,last night after having a shower I decided to join them,it really does feel good.