Written by Timmy

31 Jan 2012

I used the name Timmy when I put my story on here a week ago,about being a clueless 18 yr old lad from the sticks in Ireland working as a kitchen helper in a religious house in Dublin and not having a clue about sex.After my encounter with the chap who wanked me off in the cinema and later in my bedroom with one of the religious brothers,its seems I was fair game for a number of the other members of the order,priests included.

A couple of days after my first wankings one of the priests,he was one of the senior ones approached me while I was cleaning in the dining room and asked me if I'd get him some cigarettes from a local shop,they were'nt supposed to smoke and he asked me if Id keep them in my bedroom and hed come and collect them later,he told me to keep it to myself,he said I could keep the change.I was in bed asleep when he called,I knew it would be him so I took the cigs to the door planning to just hand them to him,I was wearing just my underpants so did'nt open the door fully and I was'nt expecting him to push it open which he did,saying was it ok for him to have a quick smoke and then he was inside with the door closed.

I got into bed and he sat on the side and lit a cig,then he said about the brother who had spent time in my room and I said I did'nt know what he was on about,then he starts on about the cinema and he was already putting his hand under the bedclothes,the bed was against the wall so I couldnt escape,hes saying how sex between men was alright because there was no danger of babies,hes asking me how often I make myself come off.

I can feel his hand on my thigh and even though I am a bit scared Im getting a hardon,hes reassuring me that theres nothing wrong with wanking and thats why in confession its not considered a mortal sin,he was telling me it was completely normal for a man to want somebody else pulling his cock and bringing him off.I do'nt know if he knew it or not but he was telling me what I wanted to hear and he was already feeling my cock through my underpants.

He put his cig out and like the brother he was wearing a cossack type garment,his other hand was going up inside it between his legs.He took his hand from under the bedclothes and instead pulled the bedclothes down off me,I just lay there flat on my back,he already knew I had a hardon,he pulled the front of my underpants down to completely expose me,I can remember him going on about how nice I looked as he tugged at my undrepants wanting them off,I lifted myself off the bed to let him do it,he had me naked.

His other hand was still under his cossack I could see he was wanking himself,still using his other hand he pushed my legs wide apart,I was being fully co-operative,he felt my balls, feeling them one at a time all the time telling me how nice I was,then the third man in almost as many days is wanking me,but unfortunately I still had'nt mastered the art of being able to prevent myself coming off.

He pulled his cossack up exposing his own cock,like the brother he was naked underneath,he'd come prepared.He had a massive big cock,I can still see his cock like it was only yesterday and he had balls to match.He reached for my hand and pulled me towards him,I knew what he wanted me to do,so I put my fingers around it,he immediately started to wank me really fast and that was it,I'm firing spunk in all directions even onto his cossack.He took his cock from my hand and started to wank himself still wanking me even though Id already stopped coming,he got off the bed and stood over me holding his cossack up with one hand as he wanked faster and faster,I was lying naked on the bed watching him,then he started to come,3,4,5,6,7 bursts of spunk landing onto me and still he pulled on his cock as he got his breath back.

When I saw him in the dining room the following day it was as if nothing had ever happened.There was 24 or 25 men at that place and,7 of them visited my bedroom at night,they never clashed with each other so they must have known,5 of them just wanted me to wank them off while they wanked me but two were a bit perverted.