Written by Angus

6 Aug 2008

So much easier to get these days ,on the Internet. Harder to find a loo in which to indulge, but there are still some around if you make the effort. Nothing I enjoy more than entering a cubicle and stripping my outer clothes off and waiting in my lingerie for sex with a stranger. I was at one of my favourite loos last week, its fairly well known to a few travellers

I got there about 10am, gives the cleaners a chance to finish, there are just two cubicles,they were both empty and smelling quite nice. I see no point in playing the slow game, I go straight in the end one and strip off, I,ve not got an erection yet, I don,t lock the door. I sit on the loo and lay back my legs apart,I,m wearing a full set ,bra ,briefs ,sus belt and stockings, I like white. Within minutes I hear footsteps enter the loo, I hear him having a wee and leave. I wait, more footsteps, I listen, you know when someones is here for a bit of fun, he is still there, I cough quietly,he responds. Its obvious my doors not locked, I hear his footsteps ,he waits at the door, I reach forward and pull it open, he has his erect cock in his hand, I lay back on the loo again and watch him wanking, he reaches in and takes his balls out of his pants, he watches for anybody entering. I put my hand in my briefs and start to wank myself, I,m quickly erect. He wanks himself faster and faster and brings himself off covering the floor in spunk,quickly tucks his spent equipment away and leaves. Its a start.

I,m thinking its rather quiet , I,ve been playing with my erect cock for a while and need action, I was taken a little by surprise, he walked straight to the door and pushed it open,sorry he said, I made no attempt to close it. He smiled I smiled back, he stood watching me wanking, thats great he said,I love your undies, stand up and turn around, I was glad to oblige. He stepped in and took my cock in his hand and wanked me slowly, are you going to be here for a little while he asked , I sure am I replied, don,t go I,ll be back and he left. A few more guys came and wanked themselves off ,some requesting a bit of help which I gladly provided, the floor is getting a bit slippery .

I knew it was him ,the door opened, good you,re still here he said, can I join you, I nodded, he pushed the door closed, don,t lock it I said. He eagerly removed his clothes, he was wearing a full set in a pale yellow,he also had a full erection which stood clear of the elastic of his tiny briefs I could feel my own cock throbbing in his hand, I wanked him, god, he was hot.His precum was flowing, lubricating the complete shaft, I slipped my hand inside his briefs and played his balls, I pushed my own down to give him complete access to mine. My arms around him ,our precum mixing as our cocks rubbed hard together, we kissed each other deeply as our bodies got hotter and hotter.

Neither heard him climb onto the partition until his breathing got louder,he was there looking down on us, could things get better, I could hear his hand against the partition as he wanked, open the door he whispered , my friend pulled the door open,my kind of guy. He was off the partition and at the door quickly joined by another,both wanking themselves. I sat on the loo and spread my legs , my friend was straight down sucking me as he continued to wank himself, a deep grunt from the door and more spunk shooting,quickly followed by another, I watched them cumming almost together. I pushed his head off my cock, I nearly lost it, he waited for me as he wanked himself, that was close. I,m sorry he said but I,ve got to go, suck me off, the door still wide open I took kis cock in my mouth and really gobbled him, his briefs around his thighs I gripped his cheeks tightly, I felt his cock swell and start pumping, I gulped as the first spurt hit my throat, red hot and sweet, I got my swallowing action going, how much spunk can one guy have,I sucked him dry, I helped him clean himself ,even limp he had a lovely cock, it fitted neatly into his briefs. He dressed patted my still erect cock winked and left. I lay back the door wide open.