Written by Ray

6 Mar 2008

I have this passion for wearing Black stockings suspenders and panties under my jeans, and sometimes go out shopping wearing them, Im a maried 56 yr old Bi male, whose wife is off sex altogether.

So Ive started to trawl through the personel columns of our local paper for contacts with not much luck at all.

I had to use our local Metro Train to go to the shops yesterday, the metro train is like Londons Underground system but above the ground, anyway the train was packed and I was standing there next to a guy of about 68 sitting there, anyway the train lurched forward and I landed on this chap, I apologised and he said not to worry as it wasnt my fault, and then we carried on our journey, all of a sudden I felt a hand rubbing at my thigh, I looked down and he smiled at me, I looked at him and smiled back and he caried on rubbing my thigh, I had a fairly long coat on so no one could see what he was doing.

After a while he started to rub at my cock through my jeans I looked at him and mouthed to him \"Naughty boy\" he smiled and then stopped, he stood up and said thanks this is my stop, I said to him \"your not going to leave me in this state are you\" he looked at me and said \"follow me then\", we both got of the train and waited till everyone else had gone and sat chatting, he told me that he could feel my stockings and suspenders through my jeans, I told him that I often wear them as it makes me so horny, he put his hand on my leg and told me to follow him home.

We got to his home he locked the front door and we took our coats off and retired to the kitchen, he closed all the blinds and started to strip off, he took off his jumper and there he was not a bad looking body for his age, he came over to me and stripped me down to my black stockings suspenders and panties, stood back and admired the view, asking me to turn round so he could see all of me.

I asked if he was going to finish off undressing, and what happened next took my breath away, he dropped his trousers to reveal white stockings suspenders and panties and a substantial bulge in the panties, he stood out of his trousers and twirled around I was loving it, he looked so good in them, he came over and we hugged then kissed, long and slowly tongues searching each others mouths, his hand went down to my panties and started to slip under the cloth of my panties, Whoa she said whats this, he knelt down and inched my panties down to reveal a freshly shaved cock.

After his initial shock he was all smiles and started to play with it, and then took it into his mouth and gave me a wonderful blow job for the best part of 30 minutes until I filled his mouth full of my cum.

It was then he decided to take me upstairs, I asked when his wife was due home, he told me that she had left him when she caught him dressed in lingerie, I told him I had to be home by 6pm but was free most daytimes for fun, he smiled and led me to the bed and lay me down, joining me after getting some lubrication and condoms, I told him he didnt need the condoms if he didnt want to use them.

He joined me and we started to kiss and cuddle and generally enjoy ourselves, eventually starting to explore each others bodies, he started to kiss my chest and slowly worked his way down to my cock again, took it all in his mouth, this made me arch my back in lust as his tongue worked at my piss slit in my cock, he certainly knew how to please a guy.

I asked if he wanted me to do anything to him such as suck wank fuck, but he refused and told me he would only want to do things to me, so we started to fondle each other again and he reached over for some lubrication, I stopped him and asked if he liked rimming guys, he smiled and told me the last guy he tried it on went made at him, I smiled back and said feel free to rim me for as long as you like, he then got me to raise my legs and open them wide, he then got down close to my hole and I lowered my legs onto his shoulders, then I was in seveth heaven as my hole was sujected to a long wet tonue lapping away at it.

Remarkably he rimmed my hole for 45 minutes, and my legs were shaking with excitement,and I could feel my next load of cum building up, but I didnt want to cum yet, he then came up for air and was smilimg like the Cheshire cat, after a few minutes I felt the unmistakable chill of lubricant on my hole, then a finger started to probe it, soon joined by a second finger, he then fingerd my holre for about 10 minutes and suddenly stopped.

Whats wrong I asked, he thought he heard the front doorbell, so he got a dressing gown on and went to see who it was, after a few minutes he came up and told me his friend was downstairs and was it ok for him to join us, I was so far gone I just agreed to him joining us, so he was called up, I think he was going to join us regardless what I said as he entered the bedroom naked with a lovely sized cock swinging in front of him,( his name is Barry, and the guy I met on the train was called John) anyway John decided to fuck me he lubed his cock up and entered my hole, it wasnt too bad it was one of the biggest cocks Id taken in ages, but it felt wonderful.

John made love to me for ages and after a fair while started to go faster and faster and then lunged deep inside me and I felt 6-7 shots of cum hit my insides, John then collapsed on top of me, got his breath back and rolled off.

Barry by this time was rock hard, rampant and very horny, he looked at me and made a gesture to fuck me, I winked and said ok, poor Barry was like a rat up a drainpipe, he was up inside me and I got surprised by it being thrust into me so quickly, he was certainly horny because he continually thust in and out very fast, and within minutes I was feeling a second portion of cum deep inside me, he to rolled off me and lay the other side of me to John.

We all fell asleep for about an hour or so, but when we were all awake, I found either John or Barry deep inside me, I was sucked rimmed fingered and fucked for about 4 hours, they both had lots of energy and cum but soon it was time to go home, off to the loo and try and get rid of the loads of cum in my hole, John came in with some lube and lubed his fingers and put them up inside me and pulled loads of cum out, and then licked it all off his fingers, I went home to the wife contentented and happy.

Needless to say John and Barry are now very good friends, we still meet up all together or one at a time.

If there is anyone in the Newcastle/Gateshead area into wearing lingerie, get in touch and we can have some fun.