Written by Gerry

4 Feb 2011

Two yrs ago after my wife and I divorced and she moved away with another fella I was left to fend for myself,I'm 59 and I've been out of work for a few yrs,I live here in Cardiff.To make ends meet somebody suggested taking in a lodger,I've got a spare room so I put an ad in the local shop.

A 19 yr old on an apprenticeship,he was'nt a local moved in,he kept himself to himself,I did'nt see that much of him.Underwear was never my thing really,it was only when he'd leave his briefs to dry on the bathroom radiator that I ended up on a few occasions wondering what he looked like wearing them,he was a good looking young lad and the briefs were on the small side to say the least,I'd never had a gay thought in my life before,maybe it was just the fact that I was'nt having sex anymore,just masturbating of course.

I'd had a few drinks one night and it was about 2 in the morning and I went for a shower before turning in,his briefs were on the radiator and I picked them up and held them against my front,I was going to try them on but did'nt,but doing what I was doing got me an erection.I was feeling unbelievably horny and was sitting on the side of the bath masturbating watching myself in the mirror.

I thought I'd locked the door but had'nt,suddenly it opened and he walked in,he was half asleep and it took a second or two to realise the situation,I immediately saw he had and erection,one of them you wake up with when you need a pee,I don't suppose either of us could have been more embarrassed.

I was trying to hide my erection with my hands,he already had his in his hand ready to have a pee,yet we both looked at each others cocks,I suppose its impossible not to,sorry he said I'm bursting,I need to wee,I was saying sorry I'll go but when I stood up I was aware of my cock standing up rock hard,I'll only be a minute he said with a big smile on his face,I just need my own to go down a bit,I realised he was'nt as embarrassed as I thought.

I went in my bedroom my heart beating,the vision of his youthful naked body etched on my brain,realising that it was probably the first time in my life that I'd seen another mans erection,also realising that I found it a real turn on.

I heard him go from the bathroom and went and collected my own underpants which was still on the floor,his briefs suddenly looked even more sexy as I imagined them covering what I'd seen.Back in my bedroom I stood in front of the mirror again and masturbated,there was no getting away from it I was turned on by another mans body.

I got in my bed and lay there masturbating,I heard his door opening and thought he was going in the bathroom again,wondering if he still had an erection.I heard my doorhandle being turned,I just lay there in the dark my brain in a complete state of confusion,it was like slow motion.I heard my door opening,surely I should be saying he's coming in the wrong room,I just said nothing.

I could see enough in the dim light to see he was still naked with no mistaking the outline of his erect cock,I could hear him breathing as he could surely hear my own deep breathing.He reached for the bedspread and lowered it down,it was as if he knew what he would see,I was lying on my back naked my own erection in my hand.

He knelt on the bed beside me and moved his fingers down over my body,starting my whole body to shake and tremble like it was my first orgasm.He moved my fingers from around my cock and replaced them with his,I could'nt stop myself my hips started to rise off the bed pushing myself into his hand,take it easy he whispered,take it easy,don't let it come off,considering I'd nearly reached orgasm before he came in,I just about managed to get it under control.

He reached for my hand and put my fingers around his cock,it was'nt long ago if I'd even thought of having another mans cock in my hand,never mind a fully erect one,I would have thought I was going mad,I was amased how good it felt,the heat and strength of his young body,the movement inside my fingers as he moved himself in and out of my ever tightening fingers.

I realise now that sex for me had become something I did for relief,this was sheer ecstacy,suddenly I was a young man again myself.He spread his body over mine,his legs pushing mine apart as he nestled in between them like I would have done with my ex.I was responding to his slow movement as his erection moved over mine,I had'nt been so aware of my own erection in years.

Take it easy he kept whispering in my ear,he seemed to be more aware of what has happening to my body than I was myself,I found myself in total tune with him as we moved in unison over each others body.When he moved down my body with his tongue I wanted to taste his,I wanted him to take my cock in his mouth,my ex had done it only once and unfortunately I'd come off right away and she never did it again,but I loved it.

I could feel his hot breath in my groin,my cock touching against his face,don't come off,don't come off I kept saying to myself,take it easy don't come off.His hot tongue touched the head of my cock,then he was holding it in his hand and gently licking it,he could feel my urgency,he opened his mouth and let it push fully inside,theres no way to describe that moment.

I was so imersed in my own feelings I'd almost forgotten his needs,his cock was rubbing on my face,like him I needed to hold it to get it in my mouth,a taste never to be forgotten,I instinctively started to suck,wanting his juices some of which I was already tasting.

We were sucking each other,this was the end game,we were going to suck each other off.It seemed like we both came at the same moment,with my ex I could never be sure but there was no doubt about the bursts of sweet juices filling my mouth or my own exploding from my body like I'd not known for years.

I awoke and heard him showereing,it took me a second or two to realise it was'nt a dream,I immediately started to get an erection.He came in the bedroom drying his hair,his naked body glistening,his cock was semi erect.I'll see you this evening he said,a big smile on his face,he lowered the dedspread down and saw I had an erection,save that for me he said,play with it but don't bring it off.