Written by Lvrpllad

1 Feb 2010

I had known J for a while having chatted on line for quite a bit.

Having had a couple of gay experiences (I am bi) but never have I been fucked although I had thought about it a lot. This particular night I was feeling considerably horny and was very eager for some more. J and me had talked about the possibility of meeting up, but only when I was ready - tonight I was! I e-mailed J on the off chance that he was available and recieved a prompt reply with his address. Without hesitation I was on my way!

I arrived at J's place, and once inside climbed a number of stairs to his flat which was on the third floor. This gave me plenty of opporunity to back out but I knew what I wanted - cock!

Once inside, J and myself exchanged pleasantries and sat and talked for a little bit, obviously both admiring each other. It didn't take long until we both felt comfortable with each other and J changed seats so that he was sitting next to me - it was clear that it was game on.

J starting stroking my leg and I reciprocated by moving in for for deep kissing tongue action. I don't know what it is but I just love kissing and J loved it to. In the midst of all the kissing clothes were being removed and before long I was naked but totally comfortable.

I took J's cock in my hand, which by now was hard and throbbing. It was a good size but one which I could tell would be great in my ass. I moved my head down and started to suck him - mmm it tasted good as I cleaned the precum with my tongue. J then proceeded to give me a good sucking just to make sure I was well horny - it was clear he was an expert at this as it took my all to hold back!

Next thing J lay me down and parted my legs, before I knew it he was giving my ass a good seeing to with his tongue - wow it felt fantastic and and I had any doubts about me being ready for what was to come they all went in that moment.

After a little more deep tongue kissing, J beckoned me to get on all fours this was it. J put on a rubber and lubed himself up. I present my ass to him and I could feel him probing my hole with his finger lubing me up. I felt the head of his cock by my hole and surprisingly without much resistance it started to enter me - mmmm. Instintctively I pushed back onto him and in no time he was in right up to his balls. I thought it would hurt but no it just felt so good.

J began to fuck me slow at first then getting quicker. With every thrust he made I pushed back. I was powerless to do anything and I was at his mercy - my hole was his and he knew it! Before long his stokes became more urgent and powerful, it was clear what was coming - him! I was right, with two more deep thrusts he came - and so had I!!!

I got myself cleaned up and left. I haven't seen J since, he know has a boyfriend - as for me, whats next?