Written by Paul

8 May 2012

I was newly single from my long term girlfriend and decided that I needed to act on my bi fantasies. I had had fantasies of man on man action since I was a teenager and the closest that I had come to the final step was some mutual wanking as a 16 year old.

In a conventional relationship with my girl the sex was good but any mention of fingering my arse was a no no.

At 34 years old and now single I decided that tonight was the night - I called a male escort that advertised himself as generously hung.

I called around to his place and felt like I was in a dream as I handed him the money, he then lent forward and kissed me, his tongue in my mouth was like getting hit by an electric shock and fuck was I rock hard!

I reached down and gently stroked his cock through his pants - it was enormous and getting bigger...

He undressed me and pushed me back on the bed and slowly took my cock in his mouth - I now know that gay guys give better head than women - he was fantastic, very shortly he had me panting "steady on buddy I'm going to cum".

He then stood up and very proudly undressed presenting me with the largest cock that I have had to date the pleasure to handle (have had some 30 or so cocks since then) - Andrew said "your turn" - I could barely get it in my mouth if was huge. The first time I gave head was great, the feeling of that smooth silky knob in my mouth and touching the warm balls and firmly grasping them and hearing him pant as he thrust at my face.

I dropped to my knees to act out part of my fantasy as Andrew stood in front of me, he grabbed my hair and said in a low voice "suck me Paul, I'm nearly ready to cum", my knees were shaking at this and was his slave as he pulled my face closer and shot into my mouth - 3 large spurts of hot cum, it was running out of my mouth and down my chin as he kept pumping my face. Ten years on I can still remember the taste of his cum and how it made my mouth sticky and fuck was I enjoying it.

Andrews recovery was amazing, he told me later the thought of fucking a virgin kept him hard all night and he was intending to make my first time a memorable one - it was.

Andrew was hard in a short period and had me on my knees and was wiping lube on my arse - his fingers stretching me - it was at this point I had some reservations as to whether his monster would fit in my virgin hole - I had fucked myself with a large dildo that used to belong to my ex but his 8.5 inch dick was not just long it was so wide - I have medium sized hands and my fingers barely made it around his shaft.

Feeling his bell end pressing against my arse was good but it took a long time and masses of lube then "pop" the massive end was in me, he was very gentle and took almost 10 minutes of slow short strokes then I felt his balls slap against mine - I reached back to feel the ring of the condom on his cock - that's it then I am finally getting fucked by a man.

Andrew picked up the pace and I was feeling sensations that can only be described as fantastic - every man needs to experience a good fuck with a man - it is the best. Very shortly I could feel myself about to cum and I hadn't touched my cock, Andrew was fucking me with slow deep strokes and then I had to yell "oh fuck I'm cuming" as I pumped a hard spurt across the bed.

Andrew was like a steam engine by then fucking me hard and I could feel his cock bump the far side of my pelvis as he came and pushed hard into me - he pulled out and we lay together panting.

I recovered quickly now and said I wanted to fuck him - he was on his knees quickly and wiped a little lube on his arse and put a condom on me in record time - I was like a kid in a sweet shop as I pushed my cock against his arse and grabbed his hips - after a few minutes of fucking, Andrew said I'm on top flipped me on my back and rode me his massive cock flopping on and off my belly like a big snake slapping down on me - I fired away and filled the condom.

A few minutes of french kissing (I couldn't believe I was snogging a man) and a quick look at the clock indicated my hour was nearly up - Andrew then surprised me and pleased me when he said - I want to fuck you again.

My arse was well and truely stretched by then so his entry was very easy - he fucked me hard and I yelled out loud so his neighbours could hear him pleasuring me I was pushing back hard as he fucked me and he had a big orgasm as he grasped my hips - it was after our hard fuck that we realised that the condom that was hard pressed to fit his thick cock had come off and that he had pumped his seed into me - I went to the toilet and let cum dribble out of me.

That was 10 years ago and still very memorable - Andrew and I fucked as customer and escort for the next 5 years and even had a threesome with another of his customers - he had great delight watching two "straight" men with girlfriends fuck and we didn't know each others names.

I like pussy but have to have some cock every couple of months