Written by Mike

11 Dec 2007

I have had a wonderful experience with a guy of 23 called Joe.Just to put you in the picture I am a 40 year old bisexual married guy, who loves younger guys. Joe worked for a local authority, and I was invloved with some thing there. I always thought that Joe was bi and one evening after we had finishd a meeting I asked if he fancied a pint, he agreed. To describe Joe he is about 5'11", athletic build blondish hair great bum. Lovely hands.

Anyway, we went to the pub and chatted, he had been to Brighton university so we chatted about the pubs and I worked out that he went to some of the gay ones. so I asked him if he liked the gay scene there and he said that he loved it, but kept it quiet from his mates. I got another drink and when I sat dow put my hand on his leg. He responded by opening his legs a bit furthr I moved my hand up and stroked his cock which felt large and getting hard, h suggested that we went back to his flat for some wine. We got into my car and i placed my hand on his crutch and he lent over and we kissed, then I drove to his flat. Once inside I had him against the hall wall, french kissing each other, I had his jacket off and his tie and almost ripped his shirt his body is amazing firm and sexy, I licked and sucked his nipples and undid his trousers and let them fall and foud he had no other clothes ad his huge cock hit me in the face, he was massive 10" later I found out and thick he took my head and head it as he fucked my mouth with great force, he was swelling i reached up and pinched his nipples and he came down my throat. Then he and I went to his bedroom, I stripped off and he lay me on the bed and licked and kissed my body, before deep throating my cock and riming my arse. Then he was hard by now and he put some lub on my arsea d his cock and raised my legs up to his shoulders and slowly began to enter me, a bit painful at first but slowly got used to his size and then whn he was fully in he satrted to fuck me, I was wanking my cock and he was slaping my arse a bit telling me he wanted to fuck me ever since we met, and he klnew i would be a tight fuck. He fucked me for about ten minutes then turned me over and fucked me again for quite a while before he shot his cum inside me, the he turned me over and sucked my cock until I came inside his mouth. We kissed and stroked eak other, be fore I fucked him and his fucked me once again before I left. We have been seeing each other for about a month now, neithr his girlfriend, his mates or my wife knows, but he is sex on legs and a fantastic fuck.