Written by Bisex husband

22 May 2015

I am a married bisexual swinger - my wife is also bisexual and we have been swinging for many years. My wife has been fucked by numerous men in sex clubs and at parties, including parties held at our house. This year a couple are visiting us for ten days at our holiday home as they did two years ago - my wife had sex with both the man and the woman every day and will again this time. This year we have also all agreed to sleep every night with each other's spouse. At some parties my wife has sex with women and I have sex with men and we are both happy with this arrangement. We have a collection of films which we sometimes watch in bed when we want a mutual wanking session - my wife buys lesbian and gangbang films and I buy bisexual films. She wanks looking at my films and I wank off looking at her films with her.

Sometimes I fancy a sex session with men and go to a local sauna for this - I did this last Tuesday and my wife took me and then went shopping for a new topless Basque and condoms for her holiday sex with our swinger friends.

The sauna was quiet and I undressed and ha a look around. I went into a room showing a bi-film and sat on the sex bed wanking off. a man cam in and stood behind and also had a wank; then three men came in and started to wank each other off while one sat on the bed and had a cock suck with one man and also put his hand on my cock and wanked me. I lay back and let him do it and then felt lips on my cock and another man was sucking me off. A cock appeared above my head and I took it into my mouth and sucked it - he did not last long and I received a load of spunk in my mouth which I naturally swallowed before he was replaced by another cock. I stayed in the room for about 20 minutes and was wanked and sucked a few more times and I sucked four cocks before leaving.

I went for a shower and then went to a room showing gay films which gave me an erection. There were four of us in the room sitting in a row all wanking. A Tv came into the room and started to wank off one man and then suck him off until he came in 'her' hand. She then moved onto the next man and did the same and I felt her back and arm gently while the man next to me got on his knees and sucked me off.

The TV then smiled at me and I started to kiss 'her' neck and eventually we were snogging while my cock was being sucked off by a man. The TV then sucked my cock for ages while I played with her nipples as well as playing with the man's nipples and his cock. The man then wanked off over my face and I got some more spunk to swallow.

I was hen left with the TV and we snogged for ages feeling each other - I put my hand in her knickers and got a lovely surprise - she had a lovely thick cock. I pulled her knickers off and sucked her cock for ages. She then got out a condom and I put it on while she splayed her legs and I entered her and fucked her hard until I spunked inside her.

My wife picked me up some time later and I told her about the fun I had just had and she said I should go again and invite the TV to our house so she can wank off watching us having sex - she loves to wank watching real gay sex since she found watching me suck a cock in a sex club turned her on. Since then she has seen me fuck several men and has also seen me get fucked - she has a large black strap-on which she now uses in me to keep me ready for gay sex as she is very supportive of my bisexual nature as I am of her when she has lesbian sessions.

Unfortunately the male of the couple staying with us is straight so I will only get to fuck his wife daily and sleep with her whilst my wife will get to be fucked by him every day, sleep with him and also have lesbian sex sessions with his bisexual wife.