19 Jul 2016

My story happened about 6 weeks ago, I'm a tennis coach at a very posh club in roehampton. I'd been teaching this couple in there 60s for a few months when the husband asked me if I could teach them at there house on the following Sunday, I agreed and told them my fee. I always thought Graeme was bi-sexual and Beverly was always very flirty so always thought I was going to have some fun with these two.

So I get around the house in cobham and knock on the door, Beverly answers and leads me to the court. We start warming up when Graeme turns up, we say our hellos and get on with it. Beverly is the other end of the court and Graeme is my end, it's about 20 mins in when I notice as Beverly bends down to pick a ball up she's no knickers on and I can see her pussy. Graeme looks at me and winks, I got an instant hard on. So trying to be professional I ask Graeme what he wants to work on, he looks me straight in the face and says your cock. I smiled and said ok I'm up for that. Graeme said follow me and went into the house, as we were walking Beverly gave me a hug then we kissed.

We went up stairs and all of us stripped off, my cock was as hard as a rock and seeing Graeme naked with a limp cock made it clear to me I was here to satisfy them both. Beverly came over to me and started kissing me again, I put my hands on her lovely small bum, it was a nice size to squeeze. I was rubbing my cock assist her pussy as Graeme was feeling my arse. He was parting my butt cheeks and playing with my balls. We stopped and got on the bed, Beverly lay down and I started sucking on her breasts then down her stomach to her pussy and started pleasuring her down there. My arse was in the air and I felt Graeme tongue licking my arsehole. It wasn't long before Beverly came in my face, I carried on licking her. I stopped and lay on my back, Beverly straddled me and lowered herself down on my cock. It felt so good I was already near bursting point but held it off for as long as I could. Graeme came over to me and put his limp cock near my face, I started sucking on it but it just wouldn't go hard, it was a good distraction for me not to cumming thou. Beverly came again with a loud moan, I was so close to cumming but still held off. I wanted to fuck Graeme, Beverly got off my cock, as soon as she was off Graeme moved down me and sat on me.he was tight but soon loosened off. He was fucking me slowly which was turning me on so much I couldn't hold on any more and shot my load into him, he seemed very satisfied, I know I was. I was knackered so lay there motionless,. I said I had to go back to work so left, since that day I've been going around there house regularly for threesomes, some times thou it's just Beverly, boy she's a good fuck.