Written by big_alf_1

8 Aug 2011

I want to share with you what has just happened to me. For the next 2 and a bit weeks my boss is away on holiday so i'm running the business, which means i can get out for some fun during the day. I've put ads on this and another site to that effect.

I got into work this morning and logged onto this site but had no mail, disappointed i logged onto another site and i had mail on that 1. It was from a guy in Medway, Kent. He is 55yrs old, well endowed with 9 inches and loves fucking other guys who wear sexy undies. I checked out his profile and pics, his cock looked great and i knew i wanted it! So i mailed him back and asked how soon he could meet? After a few mails back and forth we arranged to meet at the woods in Boxley at 11am.

I sorted everyone out at work and set off to meet him. I parked up just before 11am, there were 2 other cars there both with guys sitting in them. His car wasn't there yet so i just sat in the car and smoked a fag. I already had my stockings, suspenders and panties on under my clothes and my high heels, lube etc in a bag. I was just finishing my fag when he pulled up behind me.

I grabbed my bag, got out my car, smiled at him and walked off into the woods. He smiled back and as i disappeared into the woods i heard a car door slam shut. I walked up into the woods and found a nice spot that i've used before. I quickly took my t-shirt, trousers and trainers off and put my high heels on. As i turned round in just my sexy undies he appeared round the corner. He came upto me said i looked sexy and ran his hands up my stockinged legs, over my bare thighs and over my pantie covered arse.

He quickly stripped completely naked and stood in front of me, his cock only semi hard but looked big and veiny. He put his hand on top of my head and pushed me down, telling me to suck his cock. I squatted down in front of him and took hold of his lovely cock, leant forward and licked all around his big shiney helmet before taking it into my mouth. I took it as far into my mouth as i could, it hit the back of my throat and i gagged slightly. I started to bob my head up and down on his hardening cock, it was soon standing to full erection, all 9 solid inches, fucking my face, hitting the back of my throat each time it went in.

Where we were we could see down the path that lead to the place we were at, as i continued to suck his cock he suddenly tensed, i thought he was going to cum. He said that the other 2 guys from the cars were wlking towards us. I took his cock from my mouth and told him not to worry and that they were probably looking for some fun too. With that i took him back into my mouth. He put his hand on the back of my head and started to face fuck me, really thrusting his big cock down my throat.

After a few minutes of this i took his cock from my mouth again and looked to see the 2 other guys standing about 5 feet from us wanking each others cocks. I noticed that 1 had about 6 inches and the other about 7 1/2 inches, both fairly thick. I was now feeling very horny and wanted to be used like a dirty slut so i asked them if they wanted to join in? They both said yes and moved closer.

I stood up, faced them both and bent at the waist, wiggling my arse at the guy i'd just been sucking and taking hold of the 2 new cocks. As i took 1 in my mouth i wanked the other, then changed and sucked the other. As i was doing this the 1st guy was stood behind me, he pulled my panties down to my stocking tops, spread my arse cheeks and started to rim my tight puckered hole, poking his tongue as far up my arsehole as he could as he reached between my legs and stroked my throbbing cock.

I stopped sucking the 2 cocks long enough to tell him that there was lube in my bag. He stopped rimming me and got it out. I went back to sucking the 2 cocks, at times taking both in my mouth together. I felt the cold lube being squirted down my arse crack, then his fingers were rubbing it in. He pushed 1 then 2 fingers into my tight arsehole, finger fucking me as he stroked my cock. He got down under me and took my cock into his mouth as he worked his fingers in and out of my hole. When i'd loosened up a bit he slid another finger in and fucked me hard with 3 fingers.

He stopped sucking my cock and asked if 1 of the other guys wanted to fuck me 1st. The 1 with the smallest cock pulled away from my mouth, got behind me and taking hold of his cock rubbed it all around my wet hole before pushing into me. He managed to get the whole length into me after only a few thrusts. God i was in heaven, a cock in my mouth, a cock up my arse and the 1st guy sucking my cock. The guy i was sucking passed me a bottle of poppers, i love the feeling, the rush that poppers gives you. I took the bottle and took a few big sniffs as he wanked his cock in front of my face. I passed it back to him, my head now spinning, warm flushes through my body and took his cock back into my mouth, sucking him for all i was worth.

He passed the bottle round to the others, both taking big sniffs, then the guy fucking me took hold of my hips and really started to pound my arsehole hard and fast. He started to grunt, his balls were slapping against mine as his thrust got more and more urgent, then with 1 hard thrust he shot his hot sticky spunk up my arsehole. He held still till he'd emptied his balls inside me, then pulled his cock from my arse, as he did so i felt some drip down my thighs and into my knickers. He must have shot a weeks worth of cum inside me!

The 1st guy got out from under me and told the other guy that i was sucking to go next. As he went round behind me the 1st guy shoved his cock into my mouth. The 2nd guy was now behind me, he rubbed his cock up and down, getting all the spunk on his cock for extra lube, then he lined his cock up with my open hole and slid all the way into me without stopping. Again he passed the poppers round, we all took really big sniffs, then he held my hips and slid his cock in and out of me with slow deep strokes. Each time he pulled back leaving just the tip inside, then slowly pushed all the way back inside me.

The 1st guy was holding my head up and back to make it easier for him to thrust his big cock in and out of my throat. Now and then he pulled his cock all the way out of my mouth, but we were still conected by the spit from my mouth to his cock, he would then thrust his cock back into my mouth and fuck my face hard and fast. Then he pulled it out and made me suck his balls.

The 2nd guy was now getting more urgent with his thrusts, he was ramming his cock in and out of my arsehole, fucking me good and proper. I reached between my legs and cupped his swinging balls, giving them a gentle sqeeze. He shouted that he was going to cum and fill me with his spunk. He thrust hard into me and started to shoot, but unlike the 1st guy ( well most guys actually) he didn't stop thrusting in and out of my arse as he shot his load into me. He didn't stop thrusting untill he had finished shooting his cum inside me.

The 1st guy then moved behind me and as the 2nd guy withdrew from my fucked spunky hole he got straight in behind me and thrust his cock deep into my wet loose hole. The force of his thrusts was pushing the spunk out of my arse, my arse cheeks, thighs, panties and stockings were soaked with the stuff. The 2nd guy came round in front of me and held the poppers under my nose so i sniffed some more. He then pushed his spunky cock into my mouth. I licked and sucked all the juices from his cock as the 1st guy continued to pound my arsehole hard and fast.

When the 2nd guys cock was cleaned he said thanks and left us to it. The 1st guy moved me round and pushed me over a fallen tree trunk. As he moved me i noticed the other guy that had fucked me 1st was still there watching. I was now bent right over the tree trunk, my arse was in the air and he was thrusting his cock in and out of my spunky hole like there was no tomorrow. The guy that was watching got in front of me and pushed his cock into my mouth. He was soon getting hard again and started to face fuck me.

The guy in my arse said he was getting close and he was going to fill my arsehole with all his hot cum, with that the guy face fucking me took hold of my head and thrust his cock in and out of my mouth really hard and fast. They both let out groans together and as my mouth filled with cum my arsehole was being filled with its 3rd load.

I then cleaned both cocks before they thanked me and said their goodbyes. They both took my number as they want a repeat performance. I'm now back at work wrighting this as my computer and i can feel the cum leaking from my fucked arsehole into my knickers. I've still not cum myself yet, i'm resisting the urge to wank my throbbing cock as i want some more hard cocks up my arse before i cum myself.

If the next 2 weeks are anything like today then i'm going to be well and truely fucked by the time the boss gets back. I just cant help myself, when i get the chance i just love being a slut. If you want to hear more of waht happens this next 2 weeks let me know and if you want to use me as a cum dump, look at my profile and mail me.