Written by Jamesxbedford

25 Feb 2009

Hi guys,

This is my first story so feedback would be nice.

I as driving home at 3pm on wednesday afternoon and was feeling a little horny. I decided to go visit the greenhouse sauna in Luton. When I arrived, the guy at the desk told me it was naked day and no towels were allowed.

First things first, i went to have a shower, while i was in there, a mid forties guy with a huge cock came in. After a few moments of sneaky looks, he started to rub his long fat cock. As soon as it was up, I had to suck it. So i dropped to my knees and started to suck him. Another guy came in a watched us for a few minuits whilst wanking an impressive black cock, but soon came and walked off. Meanwhile, my guy was starting to thrust and groan, so i pulled away and wanked him as fast as i could. He soon came a huge load all over my chest. Now thats a shower!

After this, I decided to go look around. I saw a group of six guys in a dark room with a tabe in the middle, by the look of it, some guy was laying on the table taking one from both ends whilst the others watched and wanked. i didnt think that was for me and moved on.

There was an empty jacuzzi so I jumped in. Within a few moments two guys appeared, but nether of them were attractive so i went to a small dark room around the back. A few mins past, when a middle age guy with a decent cock walked in and started to wank. I was already hard and leaking pre cum so I told him to suck me. he slowly droppped to his knees an started to lick my fat cock. After a few moments, his head was bobbing back and forth. I was loving it, this guy could really suck cock. After about 5 mins, and me about to cum, I told him to stop. He stood up, looking dissapointed. That soon changed as i dropped to my knees and started to suck his cock. He was about 7 inches and fairly thick. Plus it was smooth. Before long he was close and we switched again. This time me sat down and him sucking away.

By this time i was ready to blow so i laid down and told him to cum on my face. he was over me like a shot and as i started to cum, he blew a huge load all over my face. It really was sexy as it fripped down my cheeks.

And thats pretty much it!

I will definatly be back soon!