Written by Ocassionally Bi

12 Apr 2010

I'm a straightish guy, every now and then I feel the need to get fucked by men when this happens I spend days online chatting to men playing the part of a sub cum slut, I love the fact that I can be a girl not dressed up although I've never tried that before, but fucked like a girl made to suck cock like a girl have lots of hot creamy cum splashed over me in me shot over my face squirted onto my tongue or down my throat, Basically I don't do it very often but when I do I really do.

I found myself in Luton on Saturday at the greenhouse gay sauna, I have been to 3 of the 4 saunas they operate and have never failed to have a wonderful time. I walked in got my key and stripped wrapping the towel around my slim waiste and getting a few looks from the other men in the changing room not to mention the guy behind the counter, walking through the doors and upstairs I showered and and stuck my head in the steam room nothing doing in there so I carried on searching through the sauna porn room the glory holes and eventually into the maze a place I love dark usually a lot of men walking round all trying to cop a feel. I found myself in the orgy room with a small following of guys mostly older chubby blokes but a couple of taller slim and younger men I dropped my towel got on all fours on the bed and opened my mouth for the first cock I saw which was a nice 6 inch a little thick with a nice foreskin slightly drawn back. I concentrated on this cock sucking licking and deep throating down to the balls which with a squeeze I could feel were quite tight and high as my sucking continued a hand then finger rubbed my hole I pushed my arse further up in the air to allow better access and felt a firm slap right on my hole, hmmmmm I moaned as this was repeated a few times and the finger was slipped back inside me the guy I was sucking pulled out of my mouth and shot his sweet creamy spunk across my face and I licked it up eagerly.

I felt some lube being applied to my hole and the familiar tear of a condom wrapper and as i felt a large cock head slowly split my crack another cock was presented to me for the sucking of only this time my head was grasped tightly between two huge hands and I was face fucked the tip of this cock touching the back of my throat making me gag a little and in turn making me grip the head of the cock at my arse, as my head was released I relaxed and the guy behind me pushed his cock right inside and kept going till he was as deep in me as he could get, I let out an almighty moan thus allowing the guy at my mouth to put his cock back and start his face fucking again. I was now being pummeled from both ends and feeling as subservient as I could especially with the occasional slap across my arse cheeks as my fucker drove his cock home i knew he wouldn't last much longer as his pace increased and he became more vocal calling me a cock whore telling me you love it don't you a cock in your mouth and my big cock up your ar....aahhhh he yelled as he shot his load into the rubber and collapsed over my back.

He pulled out and removed the condom while the conquering of my mouth continued I couldn't see what was going on but found out soon enough as the full condom and it was full was emptied onto the hand of the guy I was sucking with his other hand he pulled my head back by my hair and slapped the spunk filled hand across my face and using his cock to wipe it around then holding my mouth open with his dry hand he wanked his cock with the cum and squirted 4 or 5 spurts of hot junk into my mouth i swallowed it down hungrily and fell back onto the bed catching my breath,

This session was over but I was still horny and knew that there was gonna be a lot more action for me this day