Written by ocassionally Bi

14 Apr 2010

So after my spitroasting on the orgy bed I made my way to the showers and cleaned up as i was in there a pretty fit guy came in about my age and we had a little look at each other but I got the feeling that he wasn't that interested so I grabbed my towel and walked out into the steam room. I was the only one in there and thought i wouldn't be in there long when the door opened and the guy from the showers walked in and sat on the seating above me letting me get a good look at his uncut cock it looked very suckable and I was thinking i might just do that when the door opened and a short chubby little fella walked in and sat right between us much to the disgust of the other guy who got up and left with a sigh.

I followed him out and as I couldn't see him I went into the porn room again this was empty and again seconds later my guy walked in and sat on the benches above me. I opened my towel and started to stroke my cock which was getting hard and soon standing up he opened his towel and again I saw this most suckable cock i wasn't gonna waste anytime and lent forward taking him in mouth his foreskin was quite tight but with some gentle tongue work he was soon rock hard and I was impressed how much thicker it looked now. As I was sucking I got back into my doggy position giving him access to my arse and letting him see what I was after his fingers found my hole and I was soon moaning and dribbling on his cock, he lent forward and asked me if I like a cock in my arse to which I hmmmmmmed my approval and he got up and led me to one of the private rooms and locked the door.

Once in I started sucking on that great cock again getting him nice and hard when he was he pushed me back so i lay on my back and he asked me ready for my cock oh yes I replied do you want it like it is he asked (now I have barebacked only a couple of times but loved it and by this point was very eager to not only feel his cock in me but to also feel it shoot it loads deep inside. Spitting on my arse something that really makes me feel very dominated he rubbed his cock up and down and then pushed it in I timed this with a blast of poppers and was in totally heaven he had hold of my ankles and I knew he could of done what ever he wanted with me by then, his main concern was pounding the shit of me and I was getting very vocal urging him on, he whipped his cock out and spun me round my hard cock flattened and leaking on the cold plastic bed then he was in me again deep fucking me asking me where I wanted his load, anywhere you want I said, and he was soon spurting a hot load inside me calling me a dirty bitch and asking can you feel my cum inside you, Well I certainly could and it was amazing i loved every second of that fuck but surprise surprise I was still hungry for more.

After thanking my fucker I left to find some more action I didn't have to go far as there were 4 guys in the next room with the door open i stood watching and the guy at the centre of the attention beckoned me in now this guy had a perfect cock it was long thick uncut and about semi hard and I fell to my knees slowly gripping it and drawing back the foreskin I sucked hungrily on it I was just thinking how much I would love to have this inside me when he said someone fuck me, I realised i wasn't gonna get a go on that one which wasn't a problem as one of the other guys grabbed him by the arm and pulled him to the room next door where I had just received my fucking.

I got up and left that section going down for a cuppa and a chill, Thats when i walked into 3 big youngish guy who if they were dressed I imagined would of been chavs a breed that i have a big thing for so sat for a while chatting testing the waves to see if they fancied tag teaming me they did and soon I was being followed by these scally's upstairs