Written by trainman

17 Sep 2012

......the guy in the suit was taking real long slow strokes as he fucked the naked young runner, spreadeageld in the door frame as I sucked his young cock n cupped n rolled his balls...... he couldn't take much more and started moaning and rocking his hips faster. I slurped on his cock and tugged his balls to my chin as I felt him arch his back then shoot a load of cum down my throat.....it was hot, salty n creamy. Nice young spunk from his full balls, filling my mouth.....i held it there and sucked more from him til it spilled from my mouth and dribbled back onto his shaft. The workman I was tossing suddenly let out a low sigh and spunked all over my tits, his cum running down my chest towards my own shaved cock n balls. The guy in the suit was still fucking the runner and started slapping his ass calling him a 'fucking bitch.....a cum whore'......til he suddenly grabbed the guys waist and thrust really hard into his young ass, letting his head fall on the guys back as he emptied his balls into the condom.

The TV was standing watching all this slowly wanking atthe door of his cubcicle, sniffing poppers, licking his lips. The workman pulled up his trousers n left us. The guy in the suit pulled out of the young guys ass, rolled off his full condom, threw it in the toilet and zipping up smiled at us all said a 'Thank you' and left also.

I stood up and leaning towards the young runner I put my arms round him and we kissed. He pulled me towards him and the spunk on my chest was squeezed between us as we held each other, kissing more deeply.

He went back into his cubicle and got dressed as I cleaned up.......the TV closed his door waiting for more cock and more guys I guessed. I went to the stones and wanked my cock, the tight lycra round my ass showing off a lovely shape to anyone who came in. A few mins later an old guy walked in and stood down the row from me. He was obviously wanking and kept glancing down towards my cock. I stepped back so he cld get a better look and he nodded, smiled and said 'Lovely. Then he came and stood next to me and began to stroke my ass .....it felt so sexy thru the tight lycra....his hand on my cheeks, then his other hand came round the front and he began wanking me. The runners door opened and he stood watching, his cock pulled out of the leg of his shorts....slowly wanking, getting his drained cock stiff again. The older guy leaned down and began to suck me and I motioned to him to move to the cubicle. I stood next to the runner and we kissed again as my hand found his cock and gorgeous balls......he unzipped my cycling top and pulled it off and the older guy pulled my lycra shorts down to my ankles so I stood there naked, the old guy sucking me and the younger one kissing me , licking my chest and sucking my nipples. The old guy had some poppers so we all took a draw and they went back to working on me as I reached up for the door frame and opened my legs for their tongues. The young guy was wanking like crazy by now and i cld tell he was gonna shoot again so I pushed my belly towards him as the old man sucked my cock and began fingering my ass.

He had his head back, eyes closed as he tossed himself, fast and hard .....within a few seconds I felt his cum splash on my belly and I kissed him as I let my own cum fly into the old guys mouth........he moaned lovingly as I filled his mouth, swallowing the lot as he kept sucking draining my balls of every drop.....then licking the young guys spunk off my belly. He stood up grinning, cum dribbling down his chin, took out a handkerchief and wiped his mouth, leaned forwards and kissed me, patting my ass as he did, said 'That was lovely, hope to see u again' then turned and left.

The young runner and I just looked at each other, both cum drained but still so horny .........what could we do next?