Written by Colin

29 May 2008

This is only a short story,but its all true;when I was at work I overheard tales of men to men fun on a beach in west cumbria,one of the blokes said that you stay away from there is the summer in case you get a bad name;this was in sept of last year,I had often wondered what it would be like to be with a man,it got me intrested,and the weather was still warm but all the holiday makers had gone home,so after I finished at 2pm I headed down there.There was about five cars in the C/P a only a few couples visable on the beach,so I took a wonder in the dunes;after about 10 mins walk I spotted someone watching me so I preteneded that I hadnt seen in and walked a little to the left in his direction,just as I crested one of the small hills I came across a pair of shorts in the sand,I knew they belonged to the bloke,so with a racing heart I picked them up,just then a naked man came out of the long grass(i dont know his name)he was in his fifties,med build,with a semi hard cock,about 7 inches long,he smiled and told me that they were his,I grinned back,pulse racing,and looked down at his cock,I think I said not to get sun burned on his cock,or something silly like that,and handed him back the shorts,he said he would put sun screen on it,then he smiled and said,or you can do it if you want. I didnt need to be told twice;he lay back on a towel,I knelt by his side,took hold of his cock that was now hardening in my hand and started to wank him..like most men I love playing with my self,so he didnt last long,he soon shot cum all over himself.Problem was for me was that I was now soaking;I asked him if he didnt mind me wanking off on him,he said,no,he didnt,so while he massaged his own cum into his stomach I got out my cock and for the first time masturbated in front of someone,I have always wanted to do it,I just knelt there watching his face as he looked at my cock being pounded,that was real horny,it didnt take long,soon the spunk was shooting over his cock and stomach,I was groaning,and he was rubbing it into his skin...and then it was all over. He dried off with the towel,he let me wipe my cock dry,he dressed and we walked back to our cars;we didnt even exchange names;but he did tell me that the first time he went down there he noticed that the men often keep a lookout for each other,and he ended up wanking off 3 blokes one after another,he said his arm was painfull after that and that he had never seen so much spunk.I went down the week after to try my luck,but so far nothing has happened.