Written by Heathboy

28 Dec 2009

A further story from my series originally prepared for another website:-

For some reason, probably being busy at work etc, I had not seen Len for about 3 – 4 weeks in the run up to Christmas.

Just a few days before Christmas, we had our office party at work, which consisted of a lunch meal and a boozy session with the usual antics afterwards. It was always at this time that some twerp would start becoming annoying and say/do things that they’d later regret and so as not to become involved, several of us left the office and walked the short distance into town to a popular bar.

We had a few more drinks and gradually our group thinned out as people started to do their own thing. All around were people having a ball and there was a lot of flirting going on in the pub generally that I began to feel quite horny and my thoughts turned to Len.

I glanced to my watch and remembered that in about three-quarters of an hour on that particular day of the week, Len usually left home to catch a bus to go to a meeting of some group or other that he belonged to and so I decided to make my way to that location to meet him and make arrangements for us to have some fun during the festive period. This was in the days before people commonly carried mobile phones and I couldn’t phone his home anyway as he didn’t like this due to his relatives, so unless we had made arrangements to meet, I would have to try and intercept him as he went about his daily routines.

I left the pub and the streets were busy with shoppers and partygoers. It was quite cold, but thankfully dry and I set off on quite a brisk pace towards Len’s house. I’d had a reasonable amount to drink and that coupled with the cold air made me feel a little uncomfortable at first, but I soon got into a stride and before long was turning into the long road where his bus-stop was.

As I got into view of the bus-shelter I could make out a lone figure and yes, I was right and despite the alcohol my estimate had been spot on, it was my old mate and lover, Len. As I got closer he spotted me, his eyes lit up and he smiled, then when I got within earshot he said, “I haven’t seen you for ages, where have you been?” I apologised for not keeping in touch over the past few weeks and that I had left our Christmas celebrations early to try to catch him in time before the holidays. He smiled, patted me on the bottom and then gave me a quick hug and a peck on the cheek.

He had smelt the alcohol on me and said, “You’ve had a few drinks then!” I explained that I had been at the lunch, then the pub and lots of people were getting frisky and that I got the horn and decided to come looking for him just in case I could get a quick rub. He beamed at me and I could almost hear his brain working out his plan and in an instant he led me to the wall at the side of the bus-stop and said, “quick, hop over, my bus wont be here for ages yet and there’ll always be another one”. Behind the 4 foot high wall was a very large cemetery and so we both climbed over and he grabbed my hand and led me into the darkness saying, “I know a nice quiet spot”.

Well, to me it was all quiet and very spooky. I’d only ever gone in this cemetery after dark once with mates as a youngster for a dare. We walked for about 200 feet joining a path towards a small disused building in the shape of a chapel and Len pulled me into the porch at the side of the building and immediately clasped me in his arms and French-kissed me so passionately that I could barely breathe.

It was totally dark in the small porch-way. Len kept one arm round me and continued kissing me deeply whilst with his other hand he was fiddling with what must have been his raincoat buttons and then his trouser belt, before moving on to my coat buttons. By this time I could now feel his large unleashed cock becoming erect against my clothing. He continued to fumble with my clothing but eventually gave up, bringing his hand back to his cock and giving it a severe firm jerking whilst tonguing my mouth deeply, only to pause every few moments to whisper ‘sweet nothings’ in my ear. He was really going for it and from his state of arousal he seemed to be ‘on the home straights’ really quickly. He was saying things like, “Oh I’d like to fucking fuck you. I’ve been saving this fucker for you. Fuck, I’m really going to fucking give you one”. When I could get a word in edgewise I replied, “what the fuck are you waiting for then”, and stepped back to loosen my clothing when suddenly he snorted like a rhino and then let out a huge sigh.

Shit, I thought that he’d had a heart attack or something, but thankfully no, it turned out that he’d just blown a considerable load directly over my coat and trousers. He moved away slightly and I protested (not too much!) about it going on my clothes. I couldn’t see how much was on there or where it was exactly, as it was too dark. Len apologised and said how he had really needed that release which came just at the right time and that he had missed being with me over the past few weeks.

We retraced our path back to the bus stop and as the light from the street lamps got brighter I noticed a water tap, so I was able to wet a hankie and remove the spunk from my clothes and even my shoes!

I had not even touched his cock or he touched mine, yet I felt quite satisfied and obviously he was! I said that we must make up for lost time and we arranged to meet several times during the festive season for further treats. The best news that he had was still to come, as we reached the bus-stop Len said that he had been meaning to tell me but had got carried away by lust just then, but his intention was to get a flat or bed-sit early in the New Year as he was fed up of the constraints caused by living with relatives.

I was over the moon at this news and couldn’t stop thinking about it as I returned home and later drifted off to sleep in my bed imagining all the fun that was going to be had in the New Year in the privacy of his own place.