Written by Heathboy

14 Jan 2009

I wrote a series of stories for another website based upon my true encounters with an older man friend that started some years ago. I thought it would be nice to share them with like-minded folk here too. There are 7 stories to date, with a few more possibilities in the pipeline. Enjoy this first one……

My story starts when I was a senior student at Technical College and owned a motor scooter - like most teenagers who couldn’t afford a car did in those days! I used a local family motor workshop / garage to buy petrol. Their son Len worked there, serving fuel and generally helping out around the place. Len was early 30ish, single, tall and slim. Some of the local lads thought he had a bit of a reputation as being what we now call ‘gay’, probably because he didn't seem interested in girls, lived at home and was more comfortable in the company of younger men than those his own age.

Anyway, Len used to dispense petrol (yes, when they used to do that in person!) and having a two-stroke engine, my scooter used to have oil mixed in with the petrol. One day we were chatting whilst he was serving me, and when it came to putting the oil in, he looked me straight in the eyes, grinned as he squirted the oil from a dispenser and said, "I can shoot like that!” I smiled, chuckled and said nothing - but a strange shiver went right through me. I continued to visit the garage and his comments got more adventurous, suggestive, tongue-in-the-cheek as time went on.

Frequently I'd have problems with the scooters rear wheel hub working loose and if I asked him when getting petrol, Len would get a special big ring spanner from the workshop and tighten it up for me. One day, months later, I was off college cleaning my scooter in the driveway of our house and he came past on his moped, saw me and immediately stopped. We chatted for a while about all sorts of things and then he asked me how the hub was. I said that I needed to get it tightened again and that I'd call down to the garage later for him to do it if he could. He replied that he wasn't working that day, but would go and get the big spanner and return to fix it for me. He went off; I finished my cleaning and pushed the bike into the garage, leaving one of the 2 large swinging wooden garage doors open.

I heard Len's moped return about 10 minutes later, so went out into the drive to meet him. He handed me the spanner and I went into the garage to do the job. He was behind me, chatting as we walked into the garage, with me thanking him for bringing the spanner.

Then things happened pretty quickly, like a blur; as I knelt to put the spanner on the hub nut I was aware that it had got a bit darker in the garage and glanced to see that the door was closing. Whether it was the wind or Len that did it paled into insignificance, as he was approaching me quite fast saying, "how about giving me a hand for a change - with this!" beaming and nodding down at his semi-erect dick poking out of his unbuttoned fly-hole. Yes I remember that last detail of buttons vividly, as do I the sweet smell of talc, and within a few seconds those buttons were just an inch from my eyes, with the biggest dick I'd ever seen, let alone touched or anything, dangling in front of my mouth. What instinct it was I'm not sure, but I opened my mouth, pursed my lips and took in as much of the monster as I could. It was all so unexpected and a bit unreal; there I was with a spanner in my hand fixing my bike and now suddenly I’ve a mouthful of cock and I’m absolutely loving it.

His cock became rock hard quite quickly when he realised how positively I was responding to his advance and soon it was just too big for me to fit in my inexperienced mouth, so I just concentrated on his knob end. I had no experience of what to do really, so I just licked and kissed it. After a while he pulled away, having undone his belt so his trousers dropped down easily and he said, "quick, suck my balls". Another detail I remember was that he had no underpants on - when I think about it all now, he must have been preparing for this moment for some time and perhaps, without realising it, I had been waiting for it too.

He then started to furiously jack himself off with me sucking and licking his hairy balls, until he tensed and shot several streams of milky white cum through the air and onto the concrete floor. Strangely, I immediately thought and much to my surprise croaked out in a shaky voice, "what a waste!", then looked up at him with my mouth agog and he rewarded me by sliding his thick dick back into my mouth again for me to catch the dregs.

…..and so there began the start of a relationship lasting many pleasant years with frequent casual meets for a ‘quickie’, plus loads more intense sessions. We were always careful and discreet and I don't think he looked elsewhere for his excitement from then on - or if he did he kept it very much to himself.