Written by Heathboy

20 Jan 2009

Once again, a story in a series written for another website after readers asked how our relationship developed further, so here goes:-

After our first experiences in my parents’ garage and subsequently in our living room, Len and I would meet every couple of days in a variety of places, usually it would be in the local woods and later when I got my first car we’d go to secluded spots nearby. If we were lucky we could go to my parents’ house and be in private. Our activities were generally the same when we were out in the car – a fairly rushed BJ to completion on him and if I was lucky I’d get one too, but usually I got just a quick hand-job.

Although both of us grew in confidence with each other and we became good at getting each other off quickly, Len never really suggested anything more than wanking and sucking. I didn’t know if he wanted any more and again I began to doubt the foundation for the reputation he had in the locality.

One day we were in the car and I’d just finished sucking him off. I had my own trousers and pants around my ankles and I turned away from him to reach for some tissues from the pocket on the door. As I did so he rubbed his cock-head over my arse-cheeks, finally drawing it slowly down my crack.

That familiar shiver of delight, mixed with a hint of nervousness surged through me and I turned to him and smiled. He said nothing, but I could see in his eyes that he was thinking, “I’d love to get this into you”, but maybe he didn’t want to scare me off. I felt that I had to take the lead here and so I looked him straight in the eyes, smiled and said, “Len, would you like to fuck me?” Immediately he grabbed me, kissing me long and hard on the lips, something he’d never done before and when he finished he responded, “Would you like me to then?”

I nodded, still smiling and said that we could do it the next time we were truly in private in my house or somewhere similar, as I did not want to be caught by anyone and also I wanted us to savour the moment, to take our time and do it properly, without any interruptions. He seemed obviously thrilled by this and I don’t know who was trembling with excitement more by now, me or him.

I couldn’t get the thought of my first shag out of my mind for weeks and would lie in bed at night wanking furiously at the prospect. I made a crude dildo out of a wax candle and bought a tin of Vaseline from the chemists as I thought that it would be good to exercise myself in preparation. Len and I met a few times over those weeks for our usual car sessions and each time I would re-affirm to him that I wanted him to ‘take me’ when we had the next proper opportunity in private. I’d usually do this just as he was about ready to cum, as it seemed to give his spurts even more gusto!

I kept waiting for the big day to arrive and it was about six weeks later when my parents went away for an overnight pre-Christmas meet with some relatives. I’d told Len that I’d pick him up on a Saturday evening after I’d finished work. I was working part-time with a big off-licence company and as it was just before Christmas and also with my impending experience looming, I had a few drinks after work. This made me quite relaxed and ready to meet my lover.

I picked Len up from a bus-top near his home and drove the short distance to my parents’ house. As we left the car I could see that he was obviously aroused as he had quite a noticeable bulge in his trousers. No sooner had we got in through the front door and into the hallway, Len grabbed me and thrust his tongue down my throat. I felt that bulge in his trousers rub against my thigh and a quiver went down my spine once again.

We went into the living room and Len closed the curtains as he had done before, even though we were not overlooked at all. I had envisaged us having a play downstairs before retiring to the bedroom for ‘the act’, but Len was eager to get on with it, there and then. He took off his coat and dropped his trousers to reveal his perfect dick. I sunk to my knees and sucked it vigorously for a few moments whilst Len was busy trying to remove my clothes. As always his dick smelt sweet; I was glad that he paid such attention to personal hygiene. I was soon moreorless naked and Len pulled me over to the arm of the sofa and placed me on it, face down. He came from behind me and was about to try to enter me when I asked him about lubrication. He was quite hesitant in his reply and I now strongly believe that this was his first time, as well as mine!

Unfortunately I’d used up the small tin of Vaseline that I had bought before and had stupidly forgotten to replace it. We both walked into the adjoining kitchen, each with a stonking hard-on, looking for something that we could use. We agreed that a pump-pot of liquid moisturising hand soap looked promising, so took it back into the living room with us and I assumed ‘the stance’ while Len liberally spread the goo over my hole and his lovely rod. I then felt him grab my shoulders and move towards me. He was somewhat clumsy, but eventually he hit the target and his knob was at the door and after a couple of pushes it popped in nicely and he slid a few inches in until I signalled to him by tapping his leg with my hand, that enough was in for now. I felt full and sick at the same time……wow…...what was happening here? Len began drawing it in and out slowly and was breathing like a person who’d just run a marathon. Within a short space of time, he had cum and literally collapsed across my back, exhausted, more from the excitement I think than anything else.

As we lay there I could feel dampness under me and it was only then that I realised that I had cum too, all over the arm of the sofa and cushions.

After a while, we both regained our composure, started to dress and clean up. We chatted about random things. Len would often raise odd topics after we did anything, as if he seemed oblivious to our sexual acts. I wanted to talk about what we’d just done and so ignoring what he was saying, I said, “did you enjoy that then?”, to which he grabbed me half-dressed and slid his tongue down my throat and slipped a hand down the front of my pants. “I take it that’s a yes then, is it?”, I said when he had finished. “You bet”, he replied with a grin like a cat who had just got the cream.

Yes, he had just got the cream and so had I. There would be a lot more cream passing between us in future, but that’s a tale to follow………….