Written by Heathboy

17 Jan 2009

Here is the second story that I originally wrote for another website after a few people asked how the relationship developed, so here goes:-

It didn’t take long after the garage episode for my curiosity and desire to sample the delights of Len’s magnificent dick again made me visit him at work; it was just a couple of days.

Len started to dispense my fuel and we chatted generally. I could see a certain glint in his eye and he said, “that was a bit of fun the other day; would you like to do it again sometime? because I would”. I was shaking with delight and said, “of course!” So I arranged to give him a call later as some of his family who worked at the garage were nearby and might have overheard us.

I returned home and to be honest I couldn’t wait to phone him and did so almost immediately. I told him that my parents were out and if he had some spare time, maybe during his lunch-break, he could pop up to my house which was just under a mile from his work. He agreed and sounded very pleased at my offer so soon.

Anyway, for the next hour or so I paced the house and kept looking out of the front window, eagerly awaiting Len’s arrival. My mind was awash with thoughts of what we might do. I didn’t know much about Len, although he did have a bit of a reputation locally as ‘one of the boys’, I didn’t know how experienced he actually was.

I was beginning to think that he might not show, and had started to prepare something for my lunch when I heard his moped outside. I beckoned him to park it on our driveway, out of sight of nosey neighbours, scared in case any of them knew of Len and his reputation.

When I let him into the house, I felt as if I was shaking from head to foot in expectation. He kicked off his boots and stood in his working overalls, which seemed clean considering his trade. I offered him a cup of tea or coffee, but he declined saying that he didn’t have much time, so I showed him into our back room. He immediately went over to the curtains and drew them for privacy, even though we were not overlooked by anyone close by. We stood looking at one another for a few seconds and I said, “what do you want to do then?”, imagining that he would want to shag me there and then and he replied, “ I don’t know. What would you like to do? I quite enjoyed what we did last time”.

I didn’t realise it immediately, but over the months and years that followed it became clear that Len’s reputation had no real substance. OK, he may have had one or two brief liaisons, but he was certainly not what he was rumoured to be. In fact he turned out to be quite naïve in some respects.

I agreed that what we did the first time was good and so he started to unbutton his overalls. They dropped to the floor and he stood there in just a white vest and his socks. He‘d had nothing else on underneath. I could see the bulbous head of his thick uncut cock hanging just beneath his vest. Boy, it looked good and was I excited! He beckoned me towards him and as I neared him he reached out to stroke the outside of my trousers that concealed my already rigid cock. He made some comment, but by that time I had his own cock in my hand and was in a haze. He gently kissed my cheek and simultaneously indicated to me by pressure on my shoulders that he wanted me to go ‘down below’.

I dropped to my knees and came face-to-face with that magnificent cock of his for the second time. It was truly a monster. I had never seen anyone so well-blessed as this before. Not that I had seen many cocks before in the flesh, but even those that I had seen on some of the lads in school or in a couple of porno mags, didn’t measure up to Len’s. As I looked at it and started to caress it, he put his hand under his balls and began gently kneading them. It was like rubbing a magic lamp, as within seconds his cock started to swell and rise, with the head emerging from his foreskin. It smelt good, like washroom soap, so I guessed that before leaving work he must have scrubbed up ready for our encounter, which was most considerate of him.

I started to lick his hardening rod and quite soon his breathing pattern altered. He was taking deep breaths and letting out little gasps of pleasure. When I put his cock-head fully into my mouth he let out a louder gasp and started to push himself in and out of me rhythmically. We carried on like this for a minute or so, when I put my arms around him and clasped his butt cheeks in my hands. As I did so, within a few seconds he jolted and it was obvious from the unfamiliar taste in my mouth that he had shot his load into me. It was strange but nice to feel several bursts of his creamy spunk suddenly erupt into me and it was a feeling that I immediately thought that I wanted to experience again and again.

He slowly pulled of my mouth, reached for some tissues and started to wipe his cock. He offered me a tissue, but I said that I didn’t need one. He looked curiously at me. I think that he was expecting me to have spat out his load into a tissue, but I had somehow instinctively already swallowed it. From his expression I guess that no-one had ever swallowed his load properly before. He smiled at me and said, “thank you”. I replied that it had been my pleasure and that we must do it sometime again, often.

So after this, he quickly dressed and left, leaving me with a stiffie that I quickly whipped out and which lasted for just about a dozen strokes before blasting my own thick load into my free hand.

I had so wished that Len could have done that for me and this was a wish that was going to come true sooner than I imagined!