Written by Heathboy

9 Jan 2010

Another story from my series originally prepared for another website:-

My old friend Len started to move into the bedsit that we went to look at (and had given it a quick try at the time!) a few months ago. It was quite a small room really, but he seemed happy to be living there. At least he was away from his family and the constraints that caused to his sex-life. We could now enjoy each others company whenever we wanted to.

The room was furnished, but I helped him move some bits and pieces of extra furniture together with his personal belongings into the bedsit. We fancied having a bit of fun, but a BT engineer was due to call and install the phone, so we just had a good spring clean until he arrived. The engineer showed up and was quick to clip the wiring into place; connected the phone then left saying he would sort out the exchange end and place a call when it was complete. He asked if someone could stay in for about an hour-and-a-half to take the test call. Len agreed that someone would stay and turned to wink at me. I immediately got a flutter in my stomach!

When we previously had a quickie in the bedsit when we were viewing it during the time the landlord was called away for a while, we had only managed a wank and suck session for fear of getting caught in the act, so I was now hoping for our first proper fuck in the new place as I’m sure Len was too.

I sat down in an upright chair at the foot of the bed. It was only a single bed which was against a wall. After a while Len finished what he was doing and sat down on the bed near me. His one hand was soon rubbing my leg and he started to ask me what I wanted to do today. It was strange; any other time he’d have been all over me in an instant, yet here we were, total privacy and he’s acting all coy for a change. I thought for a moment that he was going off me, but soon realised that he was quite tired; the excitement thing of moving in etc had overwhelmed him a bit.

I said to him that we really ought to christen the bed and soon he was back to his old form and swept me into his strong arms and we both fell back onto the edge of the bed. We held each other for a few moments before he kissed me on the cheek and said that he wanted to freshen up a bit first. I am glad he said that as I wanted to as well, because we had both worked up a sweat carrying all his stuff in earlier. Some guys like sweat, but it’s not for me and thankfully wasn’t for Len either.

Len was the first to strip and I watched closely for his cock to come into view. I loved the sight of his cock and he loved showing it off too, often calling it names…..today it was “Beauty” and what a beauty it indeed was. I was jealous as fuck that he had a monstercock while I was not so lucky. At least I had found him and had his cock to play with though, which was more than some satisfaction.

As I stripped I was treated to the sight of Len cleaning his groin area with a wash-cloth and paying special attention to Beauty. It wasn’t rock hard, but it was engorged and swinging heavily as he rubbed away. I used a second cloth to wipe myself down and as Len dried I couldn’t help myself……I just dropped to my knees, grabbed his cock and stuffed it into my mouth until his pubes were under my nose. Len squealed with delight, dropped the towel, grasped the back of my head firmly and began to face-fuck me. His cock was hardening in my mouth and I was soon gagging as it stabbed at the back of my throat. Despite the many years that I had been seeing him, we hadn’t had that many opportunities to face-fuck like this before, well, properly in private anyway. This position always reminded me of the first time that I had sucked him in my parents’ garage all those years ago. Whenever I jacked myself off privately, one of the pictures in my mind always was of that occasion with him towering over me and his big solid cock in my virgin mouth.

I thought of that moment again and how I had sucked his balls whilst he furiously jacked off. To relieve the pressure off my mouth, I withdrew his cock and went down under his balls and sucked each one in turn before cramming the pair of them into my mouth and giving them a good going over. Len grabbed his cock and was frantically giving it long quick strokes. I took his balls out of my mouth and said, “what about me?”. He asked me what I wanted to do and I replied, “69 me!”

We took off the rest of our clothes and I led him by his cock to the bed. I lay down and snuggled back almost to the wall and he joined me in 69 formation and we immediately got on with the job in hand. Not much was said for the first few minutes, we just slaved away at each others cock and balls. After a while Len asked me if I wanted to fuck and I replied that I was quite happy doing this and so we continued licking and sucking, occasionally coming up for air and talking dirty to one another. We rolled into a position where I was now directly under him, still 69’ing and I had to make a cuff with my hand to stop him forcing the lot down my throat and choking me. After several minutes of this I felt the itch and knew I’d be cumming soon, so I grabbed around Len’s bottom and pulled him on to me a bit more. This always did the trick and within seconds of me blowing my own load into his mouth, I felt him convulse and his load emptied into me. I didn’t need to swallow it as it seemed to disappear; probably straight into my stomach he was in me so deep!

Anyway we cleaned up and dressed, with Len making random small-talk as always and we briefly kissed goodbye before I left.

Before I went home, I went to get a few bits and pieces from the supermarket and whilst doing so noticed some lube on display. I thought I’d put together a kit for Len’s bedsit, so bought some lubes, wet-wipes and tissues. I was quite excited as I got back into the car and called Len from my mobile to tell him and to test his new number in my phone.

He answered and sounded excited too. He said to me, “you’ll never guess what? We didn’t realise how thin the walls are here. The guy from the next door flat just called in. It seems he was just feet away from us behind a thin plasterboard partition and heard most of our session just now”. I thought, fuck no, he could be a blackmailing bastard or something; and Len added, “best thing is, he has asked can he join us for a threesum sometime”. I was stunned into silence and that flutter went right through me once more, thinking, this is a whole new league! Eventually I broke silence and asked Len what he thought; what was the guy like etc. He said that we’d have to give it careful consideration first. He said the guy was mid/late 50’s and just divorced which is why he is living in a bedsit now. He added that he was going to ask him in for coffee when I went there tomorrow so we could all meet up, if that’s ok.

I agreed, said goodbye and just sat there stunned for a few moments……wow…..I guess there could be plenty more to write about in future………….