Written by Heathboy

25 Jan 2009

………well, more like a cover story really.

Another in my series of stories about some of the memorable experience with my older guy-friend:-

After our first bi shag Len and I continued to meet and enjoy each other in a variety of places. Our activities would usually be limited to wanking and sucking, taking place either in my car or in some isolated wooded area, as we did not have anywhere that was really private, to go ‘all the way’ again.

The danger of getting caught was real and we had some pretty close calls on several occasions when parked up. Sometimes we would be literally busting for a shag, but not able to do so through lack of privacy. It always seemed impossible to get away from bloody dog-walkers! It was all very frustrating, we had to do something to overcome this and so we hatched our plan.

Len lived in a large semi-detached house with his brother and sister-in-law, together with an old aunt. By this time he had decided to leave the family business as it was suffering hard times and he now worked locally in a food factory, on shifts. In the daytime, his brother and sister-in-law would be out to work, leaving him alone with the old aunt who virtually stayed in one room most of the time. I was also working shifts, so on a day when our shift patterns coincided, we decided that I should visit him at his house during the daytime, with some sort of cover story.

I suggested that I might pretend to be an insurance salesman or something. He agreed and we set a time for a day the following week when our shifts were right. The day arrived and I prepared myself before leaving my house. I always bathed or showered before any serious play and this time I also dressed in a suit, shirt and tie. I had a small attaché file case that I put some random papers in, so that I could look genuine if challenged by any of his family.

I arrived promptly on time, parked my car in a nearby street and walked to the gate. I had half expected Len to be waiting there, but one of his failings was he had no sense of time whatsoever and didn’t possess a watch. I reached the front gate, entered and walked up the gravel path, hesitating before ringing the doorbell. To my horror, I saw the outline of a small person shuffling to the door. My heart leapt into my mouth and I thought, ‘fuck, no, it’s his aunt’.

The door opened and the old lady smiled at me and I blurted out my (cover) reason for being there. She beckoned me into the house and Len appeared in the hallway from one of the rooms. He showed me into a room and asked the aunt to put the kettle on for a coffee for us. I sat on the sofa and Len paced around restlessly. I asked him if he was certain that it was OK me being there with his aunt in the house and he said that it was and that he couldn’t wait for us to have a bit of fun together.

By this time I was horny as fuck and in case his aunt came in I opened my file and spread out a few papers on the small coffee table in the middle of the room. After a few minutes his aunt brought our drinks and he told her that we would be discussing some life insurance for him and not to disturb us please. She went off and Len quickly closed the door and then carried a chair over to put in front of it, to prevent it from being opened easily. He then quietly drew the curtains as he always did, even though there were net curtains that prevented passers-by from looking in.

He turned to me and smiled. It was a smile that I loved and was one that showed that he knew that he had his prey. That lovely shiver went through me and thoughts of every type of sexual activity flashed through my mind like a rocket. He walked towards me pausing at a small set of drawers, which he opened, fumbled around the contents before pulling out a wide necked jar of petroleum jelly. He held it up, winked at me and said that this would help us lube up properly this time, before he placed it on the coffee table.

He then stood in front of me, wearing a shirt and trousers held up with braces. He parted the braces from his shoulders and the trousers slipped slowly to the floor, seeming to catch momentarily on his cock. As usual he had no underpants on and I could see his uncut cock dangling beneath his shirt front. He kicked his trousers aside and gave his cock and balls a quick rub. They looked inviting and I couldn’t wait to get hold of them.

He then seemed to lunge at me, loosening my clothes and removing what he could as fast as he could. He was like a person possessed. His brother and sister-in-law were not expected home for hours and the aunt would not disturb us, so I told him to slow down and that we didn’t need to rush and that we should savour the moment. He held my head with one hand and kissed me full on the lips for ages and I could feel his lovely shaft rub against my leg. He slid one hand down inside the back of my trousers and tweaked my bum cheeks at the same time. Fuck, was I horny now. My own cock was so hard that I was going to have difficulty undoing my trousers!

As we kissed we both gradually removed the rest of our clothing apart from our socks - funny how they always stay on, even in porno's!

Something that had not been possible in our previous meets was a 69 position. I

really wanted him to suck me while I sucked him. This was our opportunity in a roomy private setting. I told him that I wanted to 69 and he obliged straight away. We positioned ourselves in an instant on the long sofa and moments later I had the opportunity to inspect his cock close quarters. What a whopper it was…..in length it was easily a good 8-9 inches and in girth, for most of its length I couldn’t meet my thumb and middle finger around it.

We sucked and sucked, with Len occasionally whispering dirty things to me, telling me that he was going to fuck me senseless. I was loving the good sucking that he was giving me and I said to him that today I wanted to feel him in me, ‘right up to the makers name!’ I could feel his cock grow instantly in my hand.

As we sucked, I gently kneaded Len’s balls and in turn his hands were exploring my bum. Soon one of his fingers was circling its target. He tried to push it into me and I stopped sucking for a moment and asked him to lube up as I didn’t want to be sore. I reached for the pot of lube and he scooped a good dollop out and we continued. Within a short space of time he had slowly worked two of his long fingers inside me and it felt really good. We sucked for a few minutes longer and I suggested that he put his cock into me now as I really felt that the finger reaming I had been getting had prepared me well enough to receive him.

We both got off the sofa for a moment and Len asked me to lean over the large sofa arm as we had done before. I said that was OK but it might be better for us both visually if we tried something else. I said to him that I wanted to be face-to-face when he entered me so that we could both see it going in and out of me. He grinned at the idea. I leant back on the sofa and pushed my bum right up to the edge. I suggested he kneel between my legs and see what the height difference was. I was a bit too low down, so we raised my backside with two large cushions and it was just the right height. Len was kneeling before me and his cock was hard and straight. I asked him to pass me the lube and I scooped some into my hand and reached down and covered his cock completely with it. He leant forward to kiss me and I held his cock tightly whilst we kissed and then he started to nestle himself between my inner thighs. Gently he thrust forward several times and on about the fifth push I felt it pop into me suddenly. It was a strange feeling and I tensed a little so he stopped pushing. He pulled away from kissing me and asked was I OK. I nodded and then wriggled each leg out in turn and placed them so that my calf muscles were on his shoulders. I reached down to my own cock and balls and held them to one side, saying to Len that we could both see the action quite well now.

He was grinning like mad and started a rhythm of back and forth movements ever so gently. It felt like a red hot poker at first, but each stroke eased a bit more length in. It was taking my breath away. After a while I was getting used to the rhythm and was moving in time with it. I reached for the lube again and spread a bit more around the base of his shaft. Fuck it felt so engorged and thick now, I didn’t know if my ring was going to expand enough to take it all in. Len kept pushing and it wasn’t too long before I felt his balls constantly against my arse-cheeks rather than occasionally slapping me. I put my hand down to my arse for confirmation and sure enough it was in as far as it could go. I felt a sense of achievement and told Len he was in me to the hilt. He seemed to be in another world and so I put a hand around his neck and pulled him closer to kiss him, at the same time bringing my legs down so my feet were back on the floor.

As we snogged we continued to buck rhythmically, enjoying each others bodies immensely. It was difficult to keep quiet and as we didn’t know if the aunt was in another part of the house or she could have had her ear to the door for all we knew. It was important not to let out a yell, although I wanted to. Len was stroking in and out of me big time now. He knelt upright and began wanking my cock energetically as he continued his long full strokes into me and shortly afterwards he whispered that he was about to come. I asked him if he would shoot it onto my belly as I love the sight of that. It wasn’t long before he obliged, withdrew and jetted two long streams and a couple of blobs onto me. Within seconds my own spunk joined his and using his semi-erect cock we mixed it all together.

We kissed again for a few moments and then cleaned ourselves up and dressed. We rearranged the room and tipped the (by now cold) coffee into a plant pot. I said to him that I hoped we could meet this way often. He said that he agreed totally and daringly tweaked my arse and pecked me on the cheek as I left the house.

I returned home and had a quick nap. When I woke I got ready for my afternoon shift. My arse was throbbing and my head was full of memories. Fuck, what a good day it had been. Roll on next time!