Written by baron2

6 Sep 2010

arranged to meet mike at his on friday, as usual contacted him to make sure coast was clear when i was close,he said all ok.

he met me at the door he was wearing his dressing gown i guessed he was naked beneath it we entered the lounge where he turned to me i pulled the dressing gown apart i guessd right his semi erect cock dangling between his legs.i quickly undressed wanting to stand naked with him, i held his cock wanking along its length i put my cock next to his in my hand and wanked them both together we leaned forward our tongues searching each others mouths.

i felt mikes hands on my balls he caressed them while i wanked our cocks together,igot on my knees in front of his gorgeous erect cock leaning forwards taking it into my mouth it felt so hard mike held my head as he pushed his cock in and out, he pulled it out and joined me on the floor we layed rubbing our bodys together feeling all over each other,

i got on top of mike lifting myself up on my arms i then started rubbing my cock along mikes cock touching it gently i could here him moaning with pleasure, i turned around till we were in the 69 position i felt his tongue sliding along my hard cock he licked around its head making my cock ache, i felt his mouth swallow my cock in taking all its length in, mike wanked and sucked my cock while i shook with the pleasure he was giving me.i arched my back as i told him i was cumming i could feel my spunk shooting out of my cock into his mouth he swallowed every last drop as i layed on top of him my cock still in his mouth slowly softening.

i climbed of mike laying next to him i kissed him tasting my own spunk in my horny lovers mouth, i felt down for his erect cock wanking along its length i slipped down sliding it into my mouth again, i sucked and wanked him making him harder and harder i could hear him moaning saying he wanted to cum i told him to cum in my mouth i felt him push harder as he emptied his balls into my mouth.it felt like he came gallons as it trickled out of my mouth and down my chin.

after a while we sat on the settee holding each others semi erect cocks, mike said he had something to ask me, i wondered what he was going to say,he told me his ex lover had moved back into the area recently they had seen each other for 2 yrs before his job took him away,mike had bumped into him in the street,they had gone for a drink where mike had told him about me.anyway it turns out mike took him home and had a session with him ithought i would have been a bit jealous but i could feel my cock getting erect as i imagined what they did to each other.mike noticed my reaction and said he was glad as he would like us to have a threesome together,i thought for a moment and could,nt see any harm in it,it turned me on really to think i could watch and be watched.

mike said he would see if colin was in, he rang his phone colin answered saying he would be strait over, mike said we would be on the bed waiting.

mike and me went into the bedroom we played with each other i was getting more and more excited but also apprehensive.

after 30 mins the the front door shut and colin walked in,colin had undressed in the lounge when he walked in he was wearing stockings and suspenders high heels with a basque,he looked so horny mike introduced us to each other i could see colins cock through his panties it looked nice and large,colin climbed on the bed so i was in the middle, mikes hand found my cock already erect from seeing this sexy cd,colin moved his head down and mike fed my cock into his mouth he was a great cock sucker it felt he was sucking me inside out,

mike had moved down the bed and took colins panties off then started to suck him of i could see mikes cock so i took it in my hand and fed it into my mouth,there we were all with a cock insde our mouths.

colins stocking clad legs felt so horny he had a cock ring round the base of his cock making it stand out i watched as he licked along mikes cock, he put mikes legs over his shoulders resting his cock along mikes crack rubbing it along stopping at its entrance, he told me to get the oil from the draw and oil his cock, i did as told rubbing the oil along his cock it looked so horny,i lubed mikes arse ready for colins cock slipping my fingers into his hole, i then took hold of colins cock and fed it into mikes arse mike moaned at first as it stretched him open but pain soon turned to pleasure, i sat and watched wanking my cock as mike took colin length all in.

mikes erect cock layed on his stomuch so i wanked and sucked it while colin fucked him, i layed sucking him watching colins cock in his arse he slipped it out for me to suck before sliding it back in mikes arse.

after a while colin pulled out still not having cum mike layed on the bed on his back ,colin told me to lube mikes cock and sit on it facing his feet, i did as told lubing up mikes cock and my own arse i slid my own finger into my hole,isquatted over mike taking hold of his cock and feeding it into my arse,i rode his cock slowly at first sliding it in and out of my arse, colin watched wanking his cock as he watched my cock bouncing up and down, i see him rubbing the lube onto his cock he told me to lean back ithought he wants to put it in to i didnt think it would go in with mikes.i layed on mike his cock still in me i could feel colins cock pushing its way in to me the pain made me pull up but he pushed further after a while the pain gave way all i could feel were the 2 cocks fucking my arse, they moved their cocks together inside me, after a few mins colin,s cock exploded in my arse filling me with cum which leaked onto mikes balls below me,colin slipped out of me he stood holding his cock as mike emptied his balls to into me, i layed on the bed covered in sweat my cock throbbing and cum leaking from my arse.colin stood over me he lubed my cock and slowly fed it into his arse.he looked horny in his lingerie with his cock bouncing about as he fucked my cock i could feel my cock wanting to cum i think he could to as he gripped it harder in his arse, he moved quicker until my cock spunked into him he grunted as it filled him up he held me in him for a while until i slipped out.we all layed together for a while as we left aggreeing to meet again after that thinking i will be buying some lingerie to wear.