Written by barnman

16 Sep 2009

Perhaps I should explain that a few years ago I had to have surgery (not cancer) as a result of which I find it difficult to naturally get an erection and also I have what's called 'retrograde ejaculation' which means that whilst I can still achieve great orgasms, I don't shoot a load. My sympathetic G.P. has been prescribing Viagra on the NHS and recently he agreed to let me try Cialis instead. It is fantastic and I can keep getting really hard time after time for ages.

On Monday morning, about an hour before i would get to Clumber Park I took a tablet and was feeling really randy as I drove through the entrance archway and slowly down the long drive. There was a scattering of cars parked in the various clearings in the woods on the right and I spotted a large camper van parked alone in one area. I could see a man sitting in the drivers seat with the door open, enjoying the sunshine. I wondered whether this might just be a hopeful sign and decided to drive in there. I parked a little way away and parallel to the van. I opened both my car windows to get some fresh air and also enjoy the sun. I looked over to the guy in van and he nodded and gave a friendly smile of acknowledgement and I gave him a similar reaction. He was very good looking and, I guessed, about 45. I was really horny with a great eretionlying out over my left thigh. However I nonchalantly pretended to be reading a magazine whilst occasionally give a sideways glance to the guy in the van. He was obviously watching me and was stroking his right hand over his crotch. I put down the mag, reclined my seat and lazily sat back and began running my fingers along the outline on a very obvious rock hard bulge in my trousers. When i next look to my left the guy was avidly watching me with a broad grin on his face. He winked and I smiled back. He was running the tip of his tongue across his top lip. I did the same and could sense I was on to something. I closed my car windows, got out, locked the doors and walked over to the camper van. 'Hi' he said,'I'm Graham. Looks like we might both be after the same thing.'. I agreed and he asked me what I like. I explained that I was a really long stayer who loved to make fun last for ages. Nothing rough but loads of mutually unhurried sensual foreplay, slow wanking and especially oral. 'Sounds pefect' he said. 'Do you fuck too?' I explained it wasn't really my thing. I had given it a few times but certainly did not take it. 'That is fine' said Graham. Fancy coming in the van and we just go with the flow?' I smiled and nodded and he got out of the cab and lead the way into the van. It was very new and swish and the double bed was already lowered with a well placed full height mirror on one side.

We both quickly removed our shoes and socks then Graham gently held me towards him and gently and sexily we kissed. His hands were beginning to unbutton my shirt and I started doing the same to his until we were both fully undone and slipped each other's shirt off. He had a fantastic smooth, firm, slim, suntanned body.

Graham then slipped his hands down over my crotch and began sensually stroking. I was not wearing any pants and the bulge of my cock was very obvious through my thin linen trousers. He sexily undid my belt and flies and dropped my trousers. My cock burst free and was standing proud and rock hard with its natural upward bend. I've got 6.5" uncut but with a large purple exposed bell-end. I was freshly smooth shaved down there and wearing a cock ring around my balls and over the base om my cock. Graham seemed genuinely delighted. 'That is perfect he said. I shall enjoy that' he said. I undid his trousers and dropped them. He was wearing a pair of tight fitting silk ladies knickers that were bulging with the ouline of what was obviously a glorious cock and with a nice damp patch of precum showing at the tip. I sensually ran my finger tips along it as it twitched with excitement. It was at least an inch bigger than my cock and fantastically hard. I was dying to get it out but Graham gently pushed me back to sit on the edge of the bed.

He knelt down between my legs and began to give me a quite perfect blow job. Pressing the tip of his tongue into my slit and tasting my precum, then licking up and down the whole length on my cock, taking time to flick the sensitive frenum before, at last pressing his tightly pursed lips over my knob and slowly fucking it. He then held my foreskin stretched right back at the base of my cock so that my knob was fully exposed and began to tongue it all around the groove at the to of my shaft. Continuing to hold the foreskin right back, Graham then began to tightly and slowly mouth fuck me over my entire length, taking time to allow his tongue to roll over my knob. He was very good and this was my idea of a perfect BJ!.

Good as it was I wanted to get to Graham's cock and he obliged by standing up and allowing me access to his pants again. The bulge and the area of precum were bigger than ever. Slowly and gently I pulled the waist band forward and lowered them and his cock burst out. It was fantastic! He was circumcised (which I love) and it felt so hard and smooth with just anice amount of movement retained in the skin of his long, straight shaft to make it lovely for wanking. I was pleased that, like me, he was also smooth shaved.

Precum was literally dripping and I pulled him towards me and took him in my mouth. It felt wonderful and I started to replicate the oral treatment he had given me. He seemed in heaven too and asked me stop a moment whilst we both got on the bed. We just lay close side by side and head to head and whilst we gently kissed again, allowed our hands to explore and stimulate each others cock. Suddenly I could sense Graham's cock twitching and his breathing getting faster and could sense he was close to coming. I asked him to try and hold back as this was too much fun and I wanted it to last longer but he told be not to worry. He said he was a good repeater and would not lose interest. He knelt up and sat astride me and we placed our cocks together and, as he askeed, I wanked them simultaneously. Quickly his knob looked as though it would burst and he shot jet after jet of lovely cum over my chest with some reaching to my chin. I licked it off with relish, it tasted so good. If only I could produce the same these days but it's always a good compensation to have another guy shoot where I used to be able to shoot myself!

Graham took some tissues and cleaned me up and then lay beside me again but this time in the 69 position so we had each others cocks in front of our mouths. I was amazed that his cock had hardly subsided and delighted that mine was as rampant as possible. He began to give me exquisite hand and oral attention while I enjoyed drinking the last drops of cum from his beautiful knob before giving him the full treatment again. He was as good as his word and quickly rock hard. We spent ages like this with Graham agreeing to slow his attention to me each time I felt close to cumming. I really wanted this to go on for ever.

I was aware that Graham had also been fingering his bum and after a while,he said that he really would love me to fuck him and I agreed to try. He briefly stood up and produced a packet of condoms and a bottle of lube. Lying back on the bed he liberally lubed his finger tips and around his bum hole and then began to loosen himself up, first with one finger, then two and eventually three. So there should be no problem about him taking my cock. I was amazingly turned on by this and for the first time I really wanted to fuck a guy. He undid a condom and very expertly and sensually unrolled it over my cock. It was a 'fiited' type so my knob was nice and pronounced. Graham liberal applied extra lube over the condom and another squirt around his hole. He lay back with his head on the pillow and his legs pulled back with his bum raised up and got me to kneel behind him. I did as he asked and began to run the underside of my cock up and down his slit whilst he continued to finger himself. Then he took hold of my cock and guided the tip to where he wanted it. He gently pushed himself towards me and I responded too and quickly had the amazing sensation of my rock hard knob being tightly engulfed as it slowly and easily went in. I'd just got it right in when he asked to stop a minute and I felt his sphincter ring grip me tight, Then, on his instruction, I began to push in inch by inch until I was in up to the hilt. It felt incredible and I rested there a moment and then instinctively began to slow fuck Graham using the whole length and almost popping out. Graham was well pleased and each time I pushed in he tighten his grip so that I could feel my foreskin being stretched right back to the base of my cock. It was very sexy being able to watch my cock sliding in and out whilst Graham was wanking his beautiful rampant cock at the same time. He allowed me to take over wanking him whilst we continued to slow fuck at first until I was really getting at last to the point of no return and I speeded up me thrusts. We were both moaning with delight until eventually I could last no longer and experienced the most intense orgasm I had for ages and Graham shot another incredible load at the same time.

We were both wonderfully exhausted and after I'd withdrawn we just lay quietly talking side by side until we'd got our breaths back and, for the first time, we both had soft cocks, although not fully relaxed even when we parted.

Incedibly we had been together for nearly two hours and sadly both needed to

get on our journeys. But not before exchanging addresses etc so that we may certainly meet again. It turns out that Graham lives in Newcastle where I go (from my place in Cumbria) for concerts from time to time. Sometimes I stay overnight in a Travel Lodge and it looks as though that will now become the norm except that the room will have double occupancy in future.